Cute DIY Flip Flops Decoration

Flip flops are one of the comfiest footwear you could get your feet on, especially for summer. They’re simple, they’re lightweight, they’re easy to wear, they’re versatile and they would go with just about any casual you could ever come up with. Flips flops are the perfect choice of footwear if you’re looking for something that you can wear all day long from sun up to sun down without ever feeling pain on your feet. Flip flops come in different colors and there are also some that have cute designs on them but if you’re looking for a more personalized one, you can always do a DIY project for your own flip flops designs. Here are some ideas for cute DIY flip flops decorations that you can take inspiration from

girly pearly flipflops flirty lace

  • Braided straps – one of the easiest things to modify and DIY on flip flops are the straps. They’re quite easy to remove and there are a lot of things you can replace them with, too. if you’re looking for a cuter alternative to regular rubber flip flop straps, why not make your own? Braided straps are super cute and they’re easy to make, too! Plus, the things you’ll need to do this are, for sure, already inside your home so you won’t need to spend a dime to make yourself a brand new pair of flip flops!

braided strap

  • Charm strap flip flops – looking for a way to really glam up your flip flops and make them stand out? Why not do a charm strap on them to give them a really fun and girly vibe? First, you’ll have to make what would seem like a really long charm bracelet with a bracelet chain and charms of your choice. Make sure it’s long enough to cover the straps of your flip flops. Once you’re done, sew them on to the rubber straps. Viola! You now have a pair of flip flops you can totally rock at the beach!

charm strap charm strap flip flops

  • Gladiator scarf straps – what would you do with an old scarf and a plain pair of flip flops? Nothing? Why not put them together to create sexy and unique gladiator strap flip flops? Simply wrap the original strap of your flip flops with the scarf until you reach the end and use the remaining fabric as gladiator straps that you can tie around your legs. Easy-peasy but oh so sexy.

scarf gladiator sandals

  • Twisted scarf straps – not feeling the whole gladiator vibe at all? Here’s another thing you can do with an old scarf and a pair of flip flops: twisted straps! You may need to snip your scarf into thick strips, though, to achieve this DIY flip flop decoration.

scrap fabric strap

  • Ruffled t-strap flip flops – did you know that with a few straps of fabric, you can actually turn a pair of regular flip flops into cute and girly t-strap sandals? Make your own ruffled t-strap sandals with a cheap pair of flip flops and some scrap fabric. See the pictures below for a step by step guide.

ruffled flip flops ruffled diy