DIY Collar Necklace Ideas

Collar necklaces are one of the most popular kinds of statement necklaces. These are very gorgeous and they do a great job in making your neck appear at least a little bit longer. You’ll find that collar necklaces come in many different styles and designs and although you can easily find them in most boutiques and shopping stores, it’s would be better to make them from scratch. Making your own collar necklaces lets you customize everything from the design to the size so that it’s perfect especially for you. here are some easy DIY collar necklace ideas you can try out:

  • Fake shirt collar – well, technically this isn’t really a fake shirt collar because you will actually be taking the collar of a shirt that you barely use to turn it into a beautiful necklace. There are different designs that you can do with a simple collar cut out. You can add a vintage vibe to it by adding charms to the closure or give It a rock and roll vibe by studding the whole collar.

fake collar necklace fake collar

  • Glittery Peter Pan collar necklace – if you want something that will really help you sparkle and shine, you should make yourself a glittery Peter Pan collar necklace. It’s very easy; all you have to do is cut out a pattern on felt fabric, paint it with fabric glue and sprinkle glitter all over it. Shake excess glitter and you have your very own glittery Peter Pan collar necklace! Perfect for adding a bit of glitz and glam to any outfit.

glitter peter pan collar necklace

glittery peter pan collar necklace

  • Pearl Peter Pan collar necklace – another version of the Peter Pan collar necklace that you can make is one made out of pearls. Pearls always add an elegant look to any ensemble and they lend great sophistication to whoever wears them. They’re known for their preciousness and often come with a hefty price tag but you can always substitute genuine pearls with fancy ones as a more practical option.

pearl peter pan collar pearl peter pan collar necklace

  • Braided beads collar necklace – if you’ve got lots of time to craft your own collar necklace, why not make a braided beads collar necklace? it’s super easy to make it you’ve got the crafting supplies and it looks really chic and intricate.

braided beads braided beads necklace

  • Lace appliqué collar necklace – if you’re looking for a collar necklace that exudes femininity and sophisticated elegance but can’t find one anywhere, don’t get upset. You can make your own lace appliqué collar necklace. The materials you will need are very inexpensive but when you put them together, the look is quite posh and fabulous, too!

lace applique necklace outfit lace applique