DIY Embellished Jackets

Embellished jackets are great statement makers. If you want something that will catch the attention of people and make them notice you, adding a chic embellished jacket to any outfit is definitely the best way to go. You’ve seen celebrities wear them on TV and models on the runway but are you just going to keep looking? Embellished jackets may cost you a little bit more money, considering all the other material plus extra labor that goes into them so if you’re on a tight budget, DIYing one is perhaps a more feasible choice. Here are some tips you can use for making your own embellished jackets:

  • Materials – when it comes to embellishing jackets, there are lots of materials that you can use. Depending on the look that you are going for, these materials can help you achieve several different textures and looks. If you’re going for a glitzy, glamorous look, for example, materials like sequins, glitters, rhinestones and glass beads are perfect.

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  • Embellishments – embellished jackets worn by celebrities and models are often fully embellished which means that the whole piece is covered in different little trinkets. This may be a nice statement piece if you’re looking for an embellished jacket that you can wear to a party or a night out but if you’re on the hunt for something more casual that you can wear on a day to day basis, it would be best to make one that only has embellishments on certain key places like the shoulders, the cuffs or the collar. Making an embellished jacket like this also takes less time.

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  • Remember that it takes time – speaking of taking time, creating your DIY embellished jackets can be a little time consuming, regardless of whether it’s fully or partially embellished. You will have do a pattern first, then lay out each piece of embellishment in its place to see if you will like the outcome (figuring this out may take a while). Once you’re satisfied with the pattern / design you’ve laid out, you’ll have to take each one out and sew or glue it in place. Expect that you’ll have to do this in more than just one sitting.

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  • Sewing skills? – depending on what embellishments / materials you decide to use, embellishing your jacket may require basic sewing skills. Materials like beads, appliqués and the like need to be sewn in place. If you don’t know how to sew, you can opt for materials that can just be attached with the use of fabric glue like glitters, sequins and lace. Studs and spikes are no-sew embellishments, too.


  • Consider your fabric – how much embellishments you can put on a jacket will depend on the fabric that your jacket is made out of. If you’re planning a fully embellished jacket, make sure the fabric is thick and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the embellishments. Good fabric choices for these would be denim and leather. On the other hand, if you’re planning on making a partially embellished jacket, those with softer and lighter material like cotton and chiffon would be a good choice.

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