DIY Embellished Outfit Ideas

Through the years, surely, you’ve accumulated a ton of stuff that you’ve somehow stopped using because you’ve got more fab and newer pieces. It would be such a waste to throw away all these clothes, although it would be so kind of you if you would donate them to charity or to the homeless. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up these old pieces so you can reuse them, though, a DIY project is always a good idea. DIYing your clothes can be a lot of fun. It’s also a far cheaper alternative to shopping for new clothes. If you’re looking for cool ways to revamp old clothes, here are a few DIY embellished outfit ideas that you can take inspiration from:

  • Embellished t-shirt – a t-shirt is one of the most basic items that everyone has in their closets, men and women alike. This is the reason why you wouldn’t think twice about buying one, especially when there’s a good deal on it. After a while, though, they just start to pile up. Embellishing your t-shirts is a great way to cover up an irremovable stain or to make one unique as you may end up having multiples of the same kind. You can use any kind of embellishment you want as long as your shirt can hold the extra weight without the fabric drooping down.

t-shirt embellished t-shirt outfit t-shirt

  • Embellished skirt – want to create a fun, flirty and playful outfit? Why not embellish a plain skirt with some fancy rhinestones, sequins and some beads? You can create patterns like flowers and stars or you can also just scatter them randomly for an abstract effect. Embellishing a skirt is perfect if you want an artsy and feminine look. You can embellish most kinds of skirts; your limit on what embellishments to use will depend on the fabric your skirt is made out of.

embellished skirt outfit embellished skirt

  • Embellished jeans – another closet staple, jeans are very comfortable which is why you tend to end up with lots of them. Jeans are also one of the most popular pieces taken for DIYing. This is because it’s strong and sturdy enough to hold embellishments but soft enough to sew embellishments on with ease. Pockets and hems are the most popular places where embellishments are placed but you can do yours any way you want.

jeans jeans outfit

  • Embellished jacket – don’t you just love how rock icons always look so fab and glamorous with their embellished jackets, especially when it’s leather? You, too, can look like a rock star by making your own embellished jacket. Most of the time, rock stars have studs and spikes on their embellished jackets but if you want something that’s more on the glitzy glamorous and girly side, you can embellish yours with things like glitter, sequins, beads or lace. You also don’t have to have a leather jacket to embellish, a denim jacket or anything made of a thicker fabric will do.

jacket embellished jacket outfit

If you really want to go all out on rocking a unique outfit, you can also embellish your accessories like your bag, shoes or even sunglasses.