DIY Headbands to Make for Spring Inspired by Flowers

Now that there are only a few days to count before spring officially comes, I’m sure you’re all about completing your spring wardrobe. You may have already shopped for all your spring clothes and your wardrobe may already be spring ready but you and I both know no outfit is complete without cute accessories to go with it. Spring fashion reflects the beauty of the season. Dainty pieces, girly clothes, pretty prints and beautiful colors abound in springtime fashion. To complete your look, why not throw in a headband that would really get you in the spring spirit? Here are some DIY headbands to make for spring that are inspired by the beautiful and blossoming flowers.

  • Fresh flower headband – looking for a way to really captivate the beauty of spring in your headband? If you’ve got an even to go to or if you simply want to add a really cool and all-natural twist to your look, gather a bunch of fresh flowers from your garden or grab a really pretty bouquet from the local market and stick them on to a thin plastic headband. You can use double sided adhesive strips or you can also tie them on. This will last you the whole day and will really give you that ethereal look.

fresh fresh flowers

  • Faux flower headband – in case you want to achieve the same goddess look you’d get from fresh flower headbands but don’t want to put good, fresh flowers to waste at the end of the day, you can always get the same effect by using plastic flowers instead. You can get really good looking flowers that look like the real thing from home improvement stores. What’s great about using faux flowers is that you can reuse the headband you made with them anytime and they’ll stay looking fresh for as long as you want them to.

faux flower headband

faux flower

  • Floral foliage headband – want to achieve a more exquisite and fairy-like look with your headband? Try making a floral foliage headband instead. Instead of using a regular headband as your base, make one that goes all around like a wreath and cover it with wild flowers (plastic flowers are totally usable with this DIY headband too) and some leaves to give it that forest-y look. This makes a great head dress for garden weddings in spring time too.

floral foliage floral foliage headband

  • Crocheted flower headband – knitted items are usually worn during the colder seasons like fall and winter but if you know how to, why not make a flower headband that you can wear for spring? A crochet flower headband would really be beautiful because you can use any color that you want plus it’s fully customizable so you can make any flower pattern that you like. You can also choose between doing a full head of flowers or using crocheted flowers in your headband as an accent.

crochet crochet headband

  • Floral fascinator – need to add a bit of an ‘oomph’ to a plain spring outfit? Why not wear a fascinator? A floral fascinator would be really cute for spring. It’s bright and bold which would really go well with a plain and simple outfit. Add in different details like feathers and tulle to make your floral fascinator more exciting and interesting. You’re sure to catch the attention of the crowd with it.

fascinator headband fascinator