DIY Ideas for a More Relaxing Bath

Bath time is one of the best ways to relax after a long day and take a break from it all. There’s just something about soaking up in warm water while being enveloped in sensuous scents that make you feel like your slowly drifting away into paradise. While there’s really no need to break the bank and go all out with a bathroom makeover to make your bathroom a spa-like sanctuary, it would certainly be more relaxing to indulge in a warm bath with inside a fancy one. Check out these inexpensive DIY ideas for a more relaxing bath.

  • Paint your bathroom walls a soft, light color – the total ambiance of your bathroom definitely has something to do with the walls. Paint your walls a soft, light and lovely color that will help you relax every time you’re taking your time in the tub. White walls are very pretty but they’re a little stressful to maintain so go for pretty pastel colors instead or other calming and soothing hues that are easy on the eyes. You can also add wall decals or stencils to get a relaxing theme going on in your bathroom.

painted painted walls

  • Get dim lighting installed – it wouldn’t cost you too much, you can even do it yourself with a little bit of electrical knowhow. While bright, glaring lights are perfect for putting makeup on and putting outfits together, low dim lights are far better in creating a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. If you are looking for a fancier option for this, you can have a small chandelier installed in the bathroom instead.

dim bath


  • Make a bathtub caddy – some people like to just plainly soak in the tub for a good hour or two after a long day, others like to soak while also indulging themselves into a hobby that calms their nerves like reading or writing. For these kind of people, a bathtub caddy will surely come in handy. It’s super easy to make, you barely have to do anything but to look for a nice plank of wood and paint it. You can also use this bathtub caddy to lay out aromatherapy candles on for a spa-like experience.

bath tub caddy bathtub caddy

  • Create a corner for all your luscious bath products – keeping all your bath products like shower gels, bubble bath soaps, bath bombs and the like in one corner can really add a luscious feel to your bath. Just seeing that corner full of bath goodies is enough to make you feel more relaxed than ever. To make that corner even fancier, transfer your bath products from their regular containers into clear glass ones and you’ll have your bathroom looking like it came out of a page of an interior design magazine.

products product bottles

  • Place candles or scent warmers around – one other thing that can really help us relax in the bath is a nice scent blend made from essential oils of your choice. Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils are just some of the most popular choices for aromatherapy oils but you can also pick scents / oils of your choice. Candles do not only fill your bathroom with great scents but make your bathroom a bit warmer, too.

candles candles in the bathroom