DIY Pampering Spa Treatments You Can Enjoy at Home

With so many things going on in your everyday life, I’m sure you always look forward to a relaxing day at the spa whenever you have the chance to go. As relaxing as spa treatments may be, getting them regularly could stress your pocket out. If you’re looking for ways to get pampered without having to spend a ton, why not make your own spa-like treatments at home? You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to do and they cost so much less than those treatments at the spa. Here are some DIY pampering spa treatments you can enjoy at home at a fraction of the cost. Check them out and see how you can save some serious cash while still getting your spa fix.

  • Homemade microdermabrasion treatment – microdermabrasion is an expensive spa treatment that’s usually done on the face but if you have enough cash, you can have it done all over your body as well. However, if you’re on a tight budget, that might be far from happening unless you know how to get it done at home. To make your own microdermabrasion treatment at home, combine extra virgin olive oil with granulated sugar and rub all over your body then take a warm shower to rinse it off and reveal softer and glowing skin.

face face and body microdermab

  • Deep conditioning – deep conditioning is something your hair deserves to be treated to at least once a week after all the torture it gets from the heat of styling and the damage from your surroundings. Deep conditioning treatments are actually already being sold in beauty supply stores so you can do them yourself at home but if you want a more natural alternative you can do it with mayonnaise. Try not to use the commercial mayonnaise, though, as the one made from scratch works far better. Just take olive oil and an egg or two and whisk them together then apply to your hair, leave for a good hour and rinse off in the shower.

hair mayo treatment

hair mayo hair

  • Foot spa – got tired feet? Instead of going to the spa for a relaxing foot soak, make your own at home by taking a bucket of water and adding Epsom salt to it. Epsom salt can be bought from most drug stores and you can use them in plenty of other ways including a relaxing foot soak. You can also smoothen out rough soles by scrubbing it down while your feet are soft and soaked.

foot foot spa

  • Homemade facial mask – another lavish treatment to enjoy at the spa are facial masks. Like deep conditioning treatments, you can also buy facial masks for home use at beauty supply stores or even some drugstores. However, there are a lot of natural recipes out there that you can easily make yourself. These facial mask recipes are fragrance and chemical free so you know they’re safe for even the most sensitive of all skin types. Scour the internet for facial mask recipes for your skin type and you’re sure to find one easily.

 mask mask face chocolate