DIY Spring Cleaning Tips: Spots You Shouldn’t Miss for a Cleaner Home

Spring is just right around the corner and that means everyone’s about to go crazy for spring cleaning their homes again. If you live alone, spring cleaning may seem like such a tiring task to do. But it has to be don’t, right? Sometimes, when we spring clean our homes, we tend to miss out on some things and some spots and you may not notice it but these spots are usually the ones that can either make or break the clean look of your house. Cleaning out these spots can really help make a difference in the way your house looks so here are our DIY spring cleaning tips on the spots you shouldn’t miss for a cleaner home.

  • Stained mugs – if you’re someone who drinks tea and coffee on a regular basis, you probably already have your mugs stained by these beverages. Stained mugs are okay as long as you know they’re clean before you use them but if you’re having guests over, making them use your stained mugs might cause their tummies to churn. Make sure the bottom and the inside of your mugs are clean by mixing equal parts of distilled malt vinegar and salt to scrub the stains away.

dirty clean mug dirty  mug

  • The sink – a sink full of dirty stuff is just downright disgusting. I mean, you plates, your utensils, you drinking glasses, mugs and other things that come in contact with your mouth go in there so keeping it clean is a must. Keep your sink looking clean and sparkly by rubbing the surface with some fizzy soda water. This works well for stainless steel and ceramic sinks. Other home-made cleaning solutions can also be used for other sink surfaces.


sink space

  • The clutter all around the house – want the quickest way to get your house looking neat and clean? De-clutter. It’s the fastest and easiest thing you can do. it’s the first step to having a clean home and sometimes, it’s really the only thing you need to do to put your house back into tip top shape again. Clutter makes your house look dirty, messy and unorganized so getting rid of it and clearing some space out can really make a huge difference.

clutter clutter declutte

  • The microwave and the oven – I’m pretty sure you’ve maximized the use of your ovens and your microwaves during the winter, whether it’s for baking some goodies to warm up your stomach or to heat up a leftover meal when you don’t feel like cooking at all. And I’m also pretty sure that by now, the insides of your ovens and microwaves are filled with burnt food spots and splatters. You may have even noticed this upon opening them up the other day only to be greeted by that unpleasant stench. Before you put another meal in them, make sure they’re clean. You can use vinegar to get rid of the smell and the dirt inside and you can also opt to clean it with steam which is very powerful for removing tough stains.

microwave microwave and oven

  • The windows – finally, the last spot you shouldn’t miss for spring cleaning is your windows. After being shut closed for such a long time this winter, there are surely plenty of things on there that you could take off. Clean your windows and open them up to let the spring breeze in.

windows window cleaning