Diy Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornament

Diy Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornament
I have to say that homemade ornaments are my favorite, because they’re also memories made. Last year we made gorgeous Dried Fruit Ornaments, which I love. But my little ones wanted to help out so bad and it just wasn’t a very kid friendly project. So, this year we made Fuzzy Winter Hat ornaments. So much more on a more kid friendly level!
All you need is yarn and the card board from a toilet paper or a paper towel roll.
Diy Toilet Paper Roll  Ornament
 Cut about an inch piece of the end of the card board roll for the brim of the hat. And about 40 to 45 pieces of yarn 10 to 12 inches long.
Warm Winter Fuzzy Hat Ornaments
 Take a piece of yarn, fold in half, and put the loop through the card board roll.
Warm Winter Fuzzy Hat Ornaments steps
 Pull yarn ends through the loop so it wraps around the card board.
Warm Winter Fuzzy Hat Ornament making
 Pull each piece tight and push strands together so the card board is well covered.
Winter Fuzzy Hat Ornament
When all your card board is wrapped tie ends together and cut off excess strands. Now your warm fuzzy hat is ready for the tree!
Winter Fuzzy Hat Ornament final
My kids loved doing this all together. They made them for their friends and teachers.  We actually had some of the neighbor kids join us to make more before the night was over.
Happy Holidays!