DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Man of Your Life

Well, here we are.  It’s finally Valentine’s Day! All the excitement for what this day will bring will come to pass later tonight, unless you choose to celebrate Valentine’s day on another day of course. Now, you’ll finally find out the answer you’ve been dying to know for the question you’ve had in your mind for days now: will he like the gift you got him for Valentine’s Day? Well, in case you panicked at the last sentence because you forgot to get him one, don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out these super easy to make DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for the man of your life.

  • Booze bouquet – most men don’t really like mushy, cheesy romantic stuff (though there are those who do). If your man is one of them, skip the love notes and chocolates and give him something he will truly enjoy: booze! Give it a bit of a Valentine’s Day touch by arranging it into a bouquet. Get those that come in mini bottles because the big ones might tip the basket over and fall. It looks really cool and it’s really easy to make too! For the full tutorial, click here. Just think of this as the male counterpart of those flower bouquets guys usually give us girls.

booze bouquet 2 booze bouquet

  • Chalkboard mug – a chalkboard mug is something that you can give your beau and use to remind him of how much you love him not only on Valentine’s Day but the rest of the year too. Just take a plain porcelain mug, paint it with chalkboard paint, let it dry and you’re done! Now, you can write anything you want on the painted surface with chalk. Scribble a quick ‘I love you’ or ‘enjoy your day’ and change it up everyday. The chalk washes off so you can write different things every time. Make sure you don’t paint over the part of the mug that comes in contact with the mouth or with food. For an in-depth tutorial, click here.

chalkboard mug

chalkboard mug idea

  • Baked goodies and sweets – if you have a knack for baking, bake up some homemade goodies and sweets for your man. Personalized cookies, cakes or cupcakes are great for conveying your message of love to your other half. If your man has a particular baked treat that he enjoys a lot, search for the recipe online (in case you don’t already know) and make that. It could be pie, bread, pastries or anything else.

baked goodies baked

  • A full course, home cooked dinner – they say the quickest way to a man’s stomach is his heart and in case you don’t know how to bake or just don’t have the right kitchen equipment to make it happen, why not try the cooking route instead? Your man would surely love to come home to a full-course home cooked dinner after a long day at work. If you aren’t too confident with your cooking skills, just open up your cookbook and follow the recipe to a T and you’re sure to end up with a decent meal.

dinner dinner date

  • Movie date at home – need an excuse for extra cuddles and snuggles? Surprise the beau with a movie date at home, complete with all the movie theater snacks and unlimited pop (or whatever your choice of drink is). You can also make it a bit classier by busting out some good wine and some cheese, prosciutto, olives, etc. to go along with it. Set up in a comfy spot in the bedroom or in your living room, jump in to your PJs and get ready for some extra lovin’ tonight.

 movie date movie outdoors