Fashion DIY Ideas for Studs and Spikes

Most of the time, when we think of studs and spikes, especially in women’s fashion, we immediately think of gothic or rock and roll styles. This is because studs and spikes are primarily seen in fashion items from these style groups. If you want to add an edge to your outfit or if you want to make something look more cool, adding studs and spikes to these things are the best way to do it. Here are some fashion DIY ideas for studs and spikes that you can use and try doing:

Spiked Jacketspiked jacket

  • Studded shorts – shorts are often very girly and feminine. They’re comfortable and they’re very easy to style because you can wear them with just about anything. If you’re planning a to wear shorts with a really cute top but you don’t want to look to sweet, you can stud your shorts to add a sort of rough look to it.

studded shorts outfit studded shorts


  • Studs and spikes arm candies – arm candies are all the rage right now, it’s nearly impossible to go to any social media site and not see at least one picture of arm candies. Basically, the arm candy trend is just about stacking bracelets (sometimes you can throw a watch in) whichever way you want. Most of the time, you’ll see really girly arm candies with bright neon colors, glitters and rhinestones but if you want a less girly arm candy style, you can add spiked and studded bracelets instead.

spikes and studs arm candy spikes and studs armcandy

  • Studded footwear – sometimes, no matter how expensive and gorgeous your shoes are, you’ll still find another person wearing the same pair. If you want to be unique and don’t always like wearing the same things other people do, why not do your own DIY studded footwear? It’s very easy and you’re sure to never find another person wearing the exact same pair as you are. You can also use spikes instead of studs or make a combination of both.

spiky shoes spiky studded shoes

  • DIY fashion belt – a belt may be a very subtle piece that you can add to an outfit that does nothing but secure and hold your pants in place but when you do a DIY makeover to it and add studs and spikes, your simple belt can turn into a very chic and edgy accessory that will make your outfit pop.

belt studs belt studs outfit

  • Spikes and studs on the collar – want to do a DIY project with studs and spikes but don’t want it to be too bold? Try studding or adding spikes to the collar of a button down shirt. It’s a very subtle way to make a statement. When doing a DIY project like this, make sure the fabric you’re going to stud is sturdy enough to hold extra weight so that it doesn’t look droopy.

 collar spikes collar studded