How to Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing

Any time you’re stressed and you feel like you need to get away from it all, you think of going to the spa. It’s the place where you can get a massage to relieve your aching body from all the work you’ve done, where you can get a relaxing steam bath in the sauna and where, basically, you can take a break from it all: family, friends, work, bills and all things that cause you stress. Well, as relaxing as it may sound, a trip to the spa for some alone time and pampering can be quite pricey. Here are some DIY ideas on how to make your bathroom more relaxing, just like a spa.

  • Paint the walls a relaxing color – the walls contribute largely to the ambiance in your bathroom. If you want to make it more relaxing, paint the walls a light, relaxing color like sea foam green, baby turquoise, lilac, or taupe. Stick to light colors because these will make your bathroom look a bit more spacious than it really is. Avoid bright colors because these stimulate your senses and can hinder you from total relaxation.

small but beautiful zen

  • Switch your showerhead – if you’re an avid spa goer, you know that one of the most relaxing things to do in there is to take a shower before a really nice massage. What makes the showering experience very therapeutic, of course, is the way the water and the water pressure hits your body. Ditch your single stream shower head and get yourself one that rotates for a variety of spray options. A showerhead with a jet stream can make your everyday showers much more relaxing.



  • Buy new towels and install a towel warmer – another great thing about showering at the spa is the feeling of being blanketed in luxuriously soft and warm towels right after a warm shower. You can achieve the same effect at home by simply buying new towels to replace worn out ones and installing towel dryers. Again, this may cost you but you can look at it as a long term investment for stress relief.

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  • Bring in the candles – when relaxing, you want everything quiet and turned down, including the lights. Create a softly lit atmosphere by dimming the lights in your bathroom and lighting up candles when you feel like you need some time away from real life. This will help you create a very spa-like atmosphere in your own bathroom. For added effects, get s few couple of aromatherapy candles or even simple scented candles to set the mood. Now, all you need is a long and warm soak in the tub and you’re on your way to Chillville.

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  • Play some soft music – to complete your home spa experience, get some soft music playing in the background while you enjoy your alone time. This will also set the mood and will help clear your mind of unnecessary things for relaxing. Of course, you can play the music of your choice – jazz, piano solos, sax, instrumentals, even nature sounds are great for when you want to relax.

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  • Keep everything organized – of course, the secret to a really relaxing bathroom is keeping one that’s neat and organized. Get shelves, racks and baskets where you can put things away when they’re not in use, especially items that aren’t much of a pretty sight like used towels, laundry and stuff. Clutter adds to stress so decluttering your bathroom takes you one step closer to a more relaxing bathroom.

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