How to Make Your Living Room Cozy and Welcoming

The living room is the one part of the house where guests are able to get their first impressions from. Your personal preference and style is always reflected in the way you decorate your living room so a lot of people take this seriously and want only the warmest, most inviting and most welcoming living room in their homes. If you, too, would like to create a living room that you and your guests will love and enjoy, check out our tips below on how to make your living room cozy and welcoming.

  • Paint the walls a warm color – the walls in your living room contribute greatly to the overall feel of the space. Dark colors like blue and gray are becoming really popular wall colors for living rooms because they’re sleek and chic but if you want a cozy, warm vibe going on in your living room paint your walls with warm colors instead. Warm red, sunshine yellow, vibrant tangerine – these are just some great warm colors to paint your living room walls in. Not a fan of too much color? create an accent wall instead and paint that one wall the warm color of your choice then keep the rest neutral.

warm walls warm wals

  • Comfy seats – a lot of designer furniture today are undoubtedly cool, dapper and all but if you’ll notice, they look quite uncomfortable too. Irregularly shaped seats, twisted arm rests, awkward angles for back rests; that’s not what you want if you’re aiming for a cozy living room. Go for comfortable seating in your living room where your guests can sit for hours while you entertain them. Plush couches with lots of throw pillows always make guests feel comfy like they’re right at home.



  • Get a light dimmer – dim lights are always much more relaxing compared to super bright blinding lights. Make sure you have a light dimmer switch installed for the lights in your living room so you can dim the lights on days when you have guests over and you want them to feel relaxed. You can also create cozy lighting by placing lamps strategically all over the living room. Just switch them on instead of the main lights when you want your guests to have a more relaxed time in your home.

dim light dim lights

  • Add accessories – have you ever seen a showroom? While it’s very aesthetically pleasing, there always seems to be something missing to make everyone feel at home. Accessories in your living room can make a huge difference. Place pictures on table or hang them up on the wall, add fresh flowers in a vase and provide some light reading material on the coffee table. Doing all these will make your living room a lot more welcoming and inviting.

accessories accessories in the living room

  • Set the mood with scents – nothing is more inviting and welcoming than a house that smells great. Some people like to bake goodies when they’re having guests over not just so they have something to offer to their guests but also because it makes the house smell great as well. If you don’t know how to bake or don’t have an oven, you can still get your house to smell good by using scented candles or scent warmers. Choose light and friendly scents that are sure to not offend and overwhelm any of your guests’ noses.

cozy and soft cozy