Pinterest-inspired DIY Wedding Crafts

Pinterest has been almost every woman’s source of inspiration lately, whether it’s for outfits, makeup looks, hairstyles or even events. Today, people are getting more and more practical. We’re starting to want to do things on our own, not only to add a personal touch to it but also to save on some cash. And indeed, why would you buy something or have it made by someone else when you can do it yourself? DIY crafts for events have been really popular these past few years and we’re glad to say the DIYing trend is here to stay. One of the biggest events that call for DIY crafts are weddings. A wedding is a celebration of love and two people and their families becoming one and what better way to honor guests and make them feel special than to have personalized crafts ready for them? Here are some cure Pinterest-inspired DIY wedding crafts that you can definitely create for your own wedding.

  • Paper lanterns – if you’re planning on doing an outdoor wedding or planning to hold your wedding party outdoors, you can hang diy paper lanterns all around to get a cute and romantic look. This DIY craft is not only great as an ornament or display, you can also put real lights in it and make it functional, especially if you plan to stay outside until nighttime. You can also make smaller paper lanterns and use them as centerpieces for your guests’ tables.

paper lanterns diy paper lantern paper lanterns

  • Dessert buffet – if you’re looking for a DIY craft for a wedding that’s either indoors or outdoors, why not try doing a dessert buffet table? It’s really cute and it has become really popular with almost any event, not just weddings. If you’ve got a theme going on, you can also lay out a buffet table with food related for your theme. For example, you can have a snack bar instead of a dessert buffet table if you have a movie themed wedding or a salad bar for a vegan wedding. We just like to suggest a dessert buffet because, you know, who doesn’t love desserts?

desert buffet table desert buffet

  • Chalkboard place cards – expecting a lot of people for your wedding? A seating plan for your guests is really important if you’re doing a big gathering. Make sure your guests know where their seats are by doing chalkboard place cards. Handwrite the name of each guest on their respective cards to give it a nice personal touch that will surely make them feel like a special part of the event.

chalkboard place cards chalkboard

  • Personalized beverage label – if you plan on serving wine or other drinks by the bottle on your wedding day, why not replace the label with one that you’ve personalized? You could have you and your loved one’s picture printed on the label or you can also print names for each guest on the bottle so they can either drink it there or take it home as a souvenir. Many people think that having a personal label on your beverage is expensive but it’s actually really quite cheap, even free if you have your own printer at home.

 beverage labels beverage