Tips for Stress-free Spring Cleaning

Since spring is coming, I’m pretty sure everyone including you is already thinking about spring cleaning. Others dread spring cleaning and find it a very hard task to be done (but someone’s gotta do it, you know?) while some actually find it relaxing and therapeutic to clean their houses for spring and get all the dirt out to welcome the spring breeze in. regardless of whether you like spring cleaning or not, it’s an inevitable chore that you can’t escape from. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do it without having to stress yourself out about it. Here are some tips for stress-free spring cleaning that you might need.

  • Wash your walls with a mop – oh, how I wish I had learned this trick years before. We all tend to wash the walls manually and that’s the reason why walls are one of the most time consuming parts of the house to clean but is you wash it with a mop and a squeegee, it would be so much easier and cleaning time would be so much faster, too. Got heavily stained walls? Don’t worry about it. Just leave the cleaning solution on longer and wash as usual. You don’t have to scrub hard, just mop it all away.

walls clean walls

  • Take your carpets to the professional cleaners – now, this one may sound like an advise coming from a lazy person but believe me, having your carpets cleaned by professionals won’t only benefit you but would do lots of good for your carpet too. Professionals know how to treat every single kind of carpet and they’ve got the perfect solution for them, too, so your carpet gets cleaned the right way. You can clean your carpet at home by yourself but if you don’t know the proper way of doing it, you might end up ruining your carpet.

carpet cleaning

carpet carpets

  • Wash your blinds in the bath tub – this is another trick I wish I’d learned before. Instead of poking through each and every nook and cranny on your blinds, take them down and soak them in a tub filled with warm water. Warm water will help loosen up tough dirt and dirt buildup. You’ll see how the water will get dirty after a few minutes. Drain it then fill the tub in again. This time, add a bit of soap to the water and gently brush the blinds to loosen up any more dirt stuck in between. Let soak for another few minutes, drain, fill and rinse. It’s a lot easier than getting into every single blind’s nooks and crannies.

blind blinds curtains blinds

  • Use a steam cleaner – they’re pretty pricey but steam cleaners are a great investment for any home, not just for spring cleaning but for anytime you want to free your house of dirt. Steam is a powerful cleaning tool. Just blast it on to any surface to get it instantly cleaned. It can be used to clean most surfaces in the house including floors, windows, counter tops, sinks,grout, glass and even linen. It’s a great tool to use if you want to skip using chemicals in your spring cleaning routine.

steam steam cleaning