Ways to Maximize Space in a Tiny Room

Living in condo units and small apartments have been the trend for years now, especially for young urban professionals to whom renting out a proper house isn’t just a practical option. Living in a small space can have its advantages as well as its disadvantages. For one, there isn’t much space to clean so keeping your home neat and clean is easy but you have limited space which may lead to a cramped house. In case you’re wondering how you can make the most out of even the tiniest home, check out our tips below on different ways to maximize space in a tiny room.

  • Use shelving units for storage – shelving units are usually used for displaying decorative items but if you’re living in a tiny room or space, shelving units can give you that storage space you need. Shelving units used as storage space are not only convenient; it takes up virtually zero percent floor space too, making it very practical.

shelving units for storage shelving units

  • Get stackable storage baskets and bins – got plenty of things that you don’t currently use? These are the things that most likely take up a lot of space in your house and it can make your home look really cluttered when left lying around. Instead, why not put them in stackable baskets or bins? That way, you can store a lot of stuff within a little bit of space. Plus, it would be much more organized if you could store unused things in the same bin instead of just chucking them anywhere and everywhere you have free space because doing so will only make you lose space eventually in your home.

stackable storage


  • Turn your rooms into multipurpose rooms – this is optional if you only have one room in the house because you’ll want to make your own personal bedroom conducive for resting and sleeping but you can definitely do this to other spare rooms in your tiny home if you have any. Turn one room into both a guest room and a study by fitting in a small desk and a daybed inside. You can also turn a room into both a walk-in closet and a reading nook by having shelves put up for books and racks for clothes. Squeeze in an ottoman or any seating of your choice where you could read and you’re set.

multipurpose multipurpose room

  • Use decorating tricks to create an illusion of a bigger room – even if you have a tiny home, there are plenty of ways to make it look bigger. Using the minimalist approach when it comes to décor, for example, can make your home look less cluttered and more spacious. You should also consider the colors you’ll be painting your walls. Remember that there are some colors that make a room look smaller and there are also those that make it look way bigger than it really is.

small space tricks small space

  • Get a divider – in case you’re using a room or a space in your house for two very different purposes and need to separate them without having to spend too much for renovation, you can simply get a divider to split one room into two. Choose a divider that either serves as a decorative one or one that provides some storage space if you can. This way, you have more room to store more things in to.

divider decor divider shelf