11 Modern Ways To Wear Apron Dresses

Truly, so many things can be an inspiration to fashion. Who would have thought that the protective garment used in the kitchens would become a fashionable piece?

Apron dresses and tops have been trendy back in the ’90s. It is easy to recognize apron dresses or tops. Basically, they look like aprons with the thick straps and square neckline. There are also some that can be wrapped around the back and some are even backless, to fully take the look of an actual apron.

While debates on whether apron tops have really come back are still ongoing, there is no argument as to the status of apron dresses. Apron dress has been living away from the fashion spotlight for so long but it has never faded out of trend.

We still see many A-listers and street stars wearing the garment. An apron dress is ideal for layering because of its versatile basic silhouette and could be a feminine alternative to overalls. Of course, you can further modernize it. Here are 11 ways to wear apron dresses.

  1. We’re all about reinventing denim right? Then apron dress will be absolutely fantastic for summer’s denim reinvention revolution. You can even play with the accessories with something fun and youthful like huge fur balls attached to your clutch or funky bangles. 
    denim apron dress
  2. Wear a printed apron dress over a form-fitting off shoulder. The look is so pristine and vintage with the cat eye sunglasses yet casual and comfortable too. Keep the outfit modern with a sleek clutch and platform sandals.
    floral apron dress
  3. Layer a silky apron dress over a puffy white long-sleeved shirt for a preppy yet fancy look. Top it off with a pair of shiny black shoes to complete the look.

  4. Create a beautiful contrast between leather and knit by layering a leather apron dress over a loose knitted top. There is also the great balance of well-tailored and slouchy that is absolutely stunning.
    apron dress leather and knit
  5. Wear a bright floral printed apron dress. The attention grabbing prints will stray the attention from the boxy shape of the dress and gives an incredibly huge statement. This outfit will be ideal as a maternal dress too without loosing the stylishness.
    apron dress floral print
  6. Go jump on the fashion bandwagon by wearing one of the trendiest fashion staple this season: fringe. An all-out fringed apron dress as an overlay for a slim-fit black dress is absolutely fabulous and a great way to wear fringe.
    fringe apron top
  7. If you’re daring enough, why don’t you try to put a little allure on your ensemble by slipping on one of those backless apron dresses. Wear a nude-colored bandeau underneath.
    apron dress margot robbie
  8. Keep it sexy with a simple apron dress and add a little classiness by minimal accessorizing. Just remember for some gold wrist watch and a sexy kitten heel sandals.
    apron dress black
  9. You can also pair a silky apron dress with a white boho ruffled one layered underneath. The look is absolutely feminine and princess-y. Just remember to have the boho dress underneath fall a few inches below the apron dress to create this fake ruffled hemline.
    apron dress over off shoulder
  10. A sporty/preppy ensemble would be wearing a cuffed collared shirt under your apron dress and slipping on a pair of sneakers. I’d recommend white since they’re automatically chic and sporty to boot.
    apron dress over collared shirt
  11. You could also turn the whole slouchy-and-sleek around by having a slouchy asymmetrical apron dress over a sleek well-tailored dress. You can wear the white dress with a blazer for formal events then change the blazer with an apron dress for an instant casual look.
    apron dress over sleek white dress