5 Kinds of Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

As a woman, you’ve probably encountered a dilemma that concerns shoes at least once in your life, whether it’s not knowing which pair to wear or which style goes best with a certain dress. For someone who wants to look stylish and always up to date with the latest trends and looks, shoes aren’t just protection for the feet. They’re a part of the whole look that could either make or break your outfit. However, not everyone has the luxury of money to spend on tons of pairs of shoes just for certain outfits and that’s why we’ve come up with a list of shoes that every woman needs in her wardrobe. These shoes are stylish, functional and never out of style so they’re perfect for those who want shoes that they can use with just about anything and everything in their closets.

  • Statement shoes – every woman needs a pair of statement shoes to liven up the plainest, most unassuming outfits. Pick a shoe style that you’re most comfortable with and choose one that has prints, bright contrasting or clashing colors, interesting textures, surprising heel structures or just any unexpected detail that you know will make you (and others) look twice. You can turn to these shoes when you want to keep the majority of your look on the minimalistic side but don’t want it to look too plain and simple at the same time.

color block statement shoes chains and studs statement shoes

  • Pumps – pumps are basic and they’re great if you’re looking for a pair of go-to shoes that can go with almost every single outfit you can come up with in your closet. They’re chic, sleek and classic so you’re sure that they’ll never go out of style. Use it to complete your work outfit or to add a bit of a posh vibe to your street style look. You can wear it with jeans, slacks, leggings, shorts, skirts and dresses and it will look perfect. I strongly suggest that you invest in a pair with really good quality as these are probably the ones that you’ll get the most wear out of.

red patent pumps

classy nude pumps

  • Ballet flats – no matter how obsessed you are with sexy, slinky, sky-high heels, you NEED a pair of good ballet flats in your shoe arsenal. Ballet flats are the kind of shoes you could turn to if you want to keep your whole look girly and chic but can’t stand another day tip-toeing in heels. Ballet flats have become a perennial favorite for practical fashionistas because of how they let you get the best of both worlds. They’re comfy, stylish and definitely worthy of a spot in your shoe collection.

black pointy flats dressy bow flats and casual outfit

  • Wedges – for petite women, heels are a must. They not only complete your outfit but they can instantly make you a few inches taller as well. However, there will always be days and occasions where a pair of high heeled shoes won’t be appropriate and practical like going to a garden wedding, a day at the polo, taking a walk after the rain poured down and left puddles on the street. For these days and times, a pair of cute wedges is sure to come in handy. Wedges are great if you want something more stable than heels that would make you taller just the same.

strappy tan wedge plain black wedges

  • Sneakers – lastly, on days when you don’t feel too girly or dainty or feminine at all or when you just want total comfort, grab a pair of sneakers to walk in and comfort your feet. Aside from wearing them with your workout gear, you can wear sneakers with your street style and casual outfits and you can also use them to dress down fancier pieces.

fun pink laced sneakers glow green sneaker outfit