5 New Ways to Wear a Belt

Belts have been around for as long as we can remember. They’re used to keep your pants up and snug. They’re what you wear to avoid embarrassment when you lose a few pounds and your pants start to go down on their own. So, sure, we all know how to wear belts especially with jeans where you just need to put your belt through the loop and fasten it but what about wearing a belt with pieces that have no loops on them? How do you create a sexier, more ginger figure using a belt to cinch your dress by the waist? You can wear them like you would if you were wearing pants but that would be too plain and simple. Why not shake things up a bit and spice up your outfit using your belt? It’s stylish and functional at the same time. if you’re wondering how you can do this, read on below.

  • The Loop – the loop is a great way to wear your belt with style. This is very ideal when you’re wearing something with no loops where the longer remainder of your belt can be secured. It’s a very chic and easy way to add a nice twist to your outfit. You can loop your belt any way you want to as long as it keeps the remainder of your belt from hanging limply about.

loop belt loop belt outfit

  • The Hidden End Knot – now, if you’re wearing a nice outfit with which you used a belt but don’t want the ends of your belt showing, this is the perfect way to wear it. all you have to do is put the longer end of your belt in and around and then tuck it behind the knot you’ve created. This makes your belt look seamless like a natural part of your outfit and not an added accessory.

hidden end knot

hidden end knot outfit

  • The Infinity knot – this style of wearing a belt can also be called the Butterfly Knot because it somehow resembles a butterfly with it’s wings spread out when it’s done with a thicker belt. This is a very fun and girly way to style your belt. You can use this when you’re wearing a plain dress of top and it instantly becomes the focal point of your outfit. All that the infinity knot requires is a few couple of knots and you’re good to go.

infinity knot infinity

  • Double belted – if you’re using a belt solely for the purpose of adorning a plain outfit, what you can do to make it more interesting is to double up your belts. It may sound weird using two belts at the same time but it really looks gorgeous and stylish. You can use two thin belts, preferably of the same size but in different colors, or you can also combine a thicker belt with a slimmer one to have more variation. You can wear them atop each other but you could also twist them and form them into a single belt or you could crisscross them, fastening one belt to the other.

double belt outfit double belt outfit

  • Buckled up – if you don’t want to go through the trouble of looping and knotting your belt here and there, you can always go for one with a nice, cute buckle so all you have to do is fasten it and it will instantly look pretty.

 buckle buckle belt