6 Easy Fashion Tricks To Hide Your Muffin Top

It’s always after long vacations that ladies dread. After those sun-kissed summer days, refreshing spring breaks, and festive winter holidays come the aching hangovers of all kind–alcohol- or holiday-related–and the worst: the muffin top. When you’ve been given more than a week of partying, it’s inevitable to find a pooch on the area above your hips afterward. And that tiny pooch can do an incremental amount of damage to a person’s self-esteem.

But guess what? You don’t have to make intensive post-vacation workouts, have a juice diet or whatnot to relieve your body of the muffin top anymore. It’s actually better to get rid of it gradually and efficiently for the long-term haul. So how are you going to hide them while you work on the long-term get-riddance? Use your clothes. Here are some easy and helpful fashion tricks to hide your muffin top.

1. Wrap dresses are essential

Wrap dresses are often tied in such a way that diagonal folds are visible around your stomach. They help in covering the muffin top. Most of these wrap dresses are also fit around the torso too which actually helps out in hiding muffin tops.

printed wrap dresswrap dress Oprah

2. Opt for high waisted bottoms

Low rise bottoms, particularly low rise jeans, are a thing of the early 2000s worn mainly by Britney Spears. But that’s a terrible choice of bottoms to wear for those with muffin tops. If you do wear low rise jeans, pair them up with long tops. But the optimal bottoms to wear are those high-waisted and mid-rise ones. They are particularly wonderful and show off your lovely curves without the muffin top to swamp them down.

high waisted jeans

high waisted skirt

3. Loose and oversized tops are the easy fixes

Most women with muffin top would hide theirs by wearing flowing, loose, and oversized tops. These are really great, especially for the winter. You can pair them up with an equally loose bottoms for a relaxed and sloppy chic look or a fitted one to balance out your outfit.

oversized sweater dress oversized top

4. Boxy tops are a more angular alternative

If you don’t want to wear oversize or loose tops, you can always try a whole other trick with boxy tops. Since these tops, as they are named so, have a box-like silhouette the sharp angles by the hem could hide off any unnecessary and/or unwanted pooches.

boxy plaid top textured boxy top

5. Make your waist be the focus

Since muffin tops are commonly found somewhere above your hip area, you can try to bring the attention around your waist area. To do this, you can opt for dresses or tops in empire waist silhouettes or anything that cinches around your waist. These hit two bird with one stone because not only do you hide your muffin top but you enhance your curvatures by emphasizing your waist.

empire waist wrap empire dress

6. Silhouettes matter

As briefly said in #5, the silhouette of your clothes matter here. Some women would look great wearing shift dresses that falls straight down their body. But the disadvantage to this to other women is that their curves won’t show ultimately. So, you could try out A-line tops that slightly flares out as it reaches the hemline or peplum tops which is also a great apparel for pear-shaped women who doesn’t want to bring attention to their wide hips. Ladies with muffin tops could use that very trick to their advantage too.

a line top peplum top

7. Color scheme your outfit

Choosing the right colors to put to your outfit will help out in drawing the attention away from the existence of your muffin top. You could try paneled clothes where the center is in a light color while the sides are in a dark color. Also, you could color block your outfit with a light undershirt and a dark-colored jacket over it. They work similarly.

paneled dress black coat and white tunic