7 Awesome Ways To Wear Harem Pants Anytime

Among many alternatives for the now common skinny jeans, wide leg pants and–what we previously discussed–jogger pants, harem pants is one of the easiest and most comfortable to wear. This billowy and sensuous bottoms is an up and coming trend that has been loved by many fashion forward people all around the globe, both on men’s and women’s fashion.

Harem pants is casual yet it can be very versatile to wear and the hemline does not necessarily have to fall on the ankles. You can wear harem pants with a lot of other apparels and you would be able to pull off such ensemble.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to wear harem pants stylishly.

Look 1: Simple and for Everyday casual

A simple pair of black harem pants is without any doubt a huge investment to add to your wardrobe. It practically fits with almost any kind of outfit. Best of all, it is just the best harem pants out there that will keep you grounded and simple with your outfit and still have that dressy feel to it.

black harem pants and shirt black harem pants

Look 2: Chic and Modern

Some people think that because the harem pants is very slouchy and loose that it will not be a good bottoms to pair up with a top that is sleek and modern. I actually beg to disagree. It is exactly because the pants is slouchy that it makes for an effective and well-balanced look when it is paired with chic apparels like tailored blazers and well-structured bags.

harem pants chic

chic harem pants outfit

Look 3: Sloppy chic and laidback

If your style is parallel to that of the Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, then there is no doubt upon the probability that you will add harem pants into your everyday wardrobe. Harem pants is definitely a fitting apparel for sloppy chic and laidback looks, what with its apparent slouchiness and looseness. You would want to pick out a pair of harem pants that is in an earthy shade as this will give off a more organic and laidback look.

harem pants laidback printed harem pants

Look 4: Tomboy chic

Talk about all-around versatility, amirite? The tomboy chic style might be a distant cousin of the sloppy chic look because they both project this atmosphere of cool and looseness. The big difference of the two is that tomboy chic has a more apparent androgynous element than sloppy chic. For this look, you want to go for the darker pants rather than the earthy and light shades for the sloppy chic look.

harem pants tomboy chic harem pants tomboy cool

Look 5: Edgy

Now for harem pants, you can get two kinds of edgy with it. First off, you could opt for the refined and sleeker kind of edgy with tailored leather jackets and silk fabrics. The second kind of edgy is more of a casual street style kind. There are ragged elements and the presence of a mess but in a stylish way.

harem pants and leather jacket edgy harem pants outfit

Look 6: Bold and Daring

There is simply something about the silhouette of a harem pants that allows for a freer and more liberating look. That is why going bold and daring in such pants is completely far more easier to pull off. Like, the shape of the harem pants is already bold, it could only go bolder from there, right?

bold harem pants outfit harem pants edgy

Look 7: Formal

Among all of the looks that we have given you here, this is probably the one that you want to try with a wee bit of caution. Because of the harem pants’ loose nature, it might blow you off in a formal event. I suggest opting for harem pants in dressy fabrics like silk and velvet and/or pairing it up with a formal and skin-tight top to create this kinda billowy silhouette to the bottom half of your body.

denim harem pants harem pants formal