8 Outfit Ideas From The Copenhagen Fashion Week

While we await patiently for what are called the “Big Three” fashion events in the whole world–New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks–there are other wonderful events, like the Australian Fashion Week, that we could attend that will appeal to our sartorial appetite. And aren’t we lucky ’cause Copenhagen Fashion Week just wrapped up a few weeks ago–which means fresh and new outfit inspirations!

Copenhagen is a city known for its modern design and the rustic Nordic charms of its streets. And it just finished hosting the largest fashion event in the Nordic region–the Copenhagen Fashion Week. There are a great many finds that you could see strolling through both the runway and on the streets. And one of the highly regarded fashion blogger in Europe, Pernille Teisbaek, hails from Denmark.

Pernille Teisbaek in Copenhagen Fashion Week '15

Danish fashion blogger, Pernille Teisbaek, in Copenhagen Fashion Week

So what can you expect from Copenhagen Fashion Week? The answer: real definition of normcore fashion–comfortable, simple yet ultimately stylish. The Danish definitely knows how to pull off normcore in the most unconventionally fashionable way and you need to know these. Here are 8 awesome outfit ideas from the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Comfy Companion

When you’re strolling through the streets of Copenhagen, you’ll realize how obvious it is that the Danish dress for utter comfort while still keeping it stylish and fashionable. Their streets are not only the rustic-charmed thing that they have–their general fashion taste is too. And that is something that we could learn from them. Sometimes, simplicity is beauty. My advice here: if you’re going for simplicity, keep out from tacky accessories.

comfy outfit from Copenhagen FW

comfy black wide legged pants from Copenhagen FW

Redefining Loose and Oversized

Loose and oversized clothes has been greatly accepted into the fashion world for a long time now. But these two outfits below definitely redefined the beauty of oversized garments. The key here is to stick to one oversized piece to incorporate into your outfit and pair it up with form-fitting items.

boyfriend jeans from Copenhagen FW

spring coat from Copenhagen FW

Platforms Potential

Platforms once enjoyed the peak of popularity a few years ago and it’s getting back again. There is an appeal of boosting your height while still getting comfortable. And it seems that the street style stars of the Copenhagen Fashion Week sees this appeal. Pick an outfit with a simple vertical silhouette that will bring the attention to your statement platform shoes.

platform shoes and crop top from Copenhagen FW

brown platform sneakers from Copenhagen FW

Textured Outfits

A little texture in your outfit will never hurt. It is especially helpful when you’re going for a monochromatic look. But you could also go for a bolder ensemble by wearing a textured item that is in bright color or print.

blush fur jacket from Copenhagen FW

colorblocked fur trench coat from Copenhagen FW

Lacing it Up

Lace-up clothes of any form has started to get back to being one of the trendy items this year–particularly lace-up tops. But for those who are still hesitant with pulling off an allure outfit with lace-up tops, you could go with a pair of lace-up sandals instead.

bomber jacket and lace-up heels from Copenhagen FW

lace-up sandals and checked pants from Copenhagen FW

Birkenstocks Galore

Birkenstocks are the epitome of comfort when it comes to footwear. And likely so because of how wonderful our feet feels when wearing these footwear. An easy way to style up Birkenstocks is by keeping your outfit minimalist as possible. That means, simple clothes and minimal to zero accessories.

Birkenstocks and see-through top from Copenhagen FW

Birkenstocks and floral shirt from Copenhagen FW

Socks Don’t Suck

Nope, socks aren’t for grade-schoolers anymore, people. We’ve got a lot of outfits lined up this year where socks are worn. Socks also give out a vibe of comfort. But to get away with this, I suggest choosing a pair of socks that either contrasts or blends really well to the color of your shoes and is ankle-length or shorter.

booties and socks outfit from Copenhagen FW

oxford shoes and socks from Copenhagen FW

The Girl’s Sneaker Outfit 

Make your feminine and romantic outfit a tad bit casual and relaxed by replacing those sexy heels or preppy flats with a chic pair of sneakers. Opt for light colored ones as those really suits a more feminine outfit than darker ones.

sneakers and dress from Copenhagen FW

pale pink sneakers from Copenhagen FW