Excellent Ideas for Hair Flowers

Hair flowers have been very popular since the 40’s and 50’s and up to now, hair flower is still a top choice for bridal hair accessories.  When looking for a glamorous hair-do on your big day or you just want to look more feminine during a party, wearing hair accessories is an excellent way to exude natural beauty.  Here are some of the most beautiful wedding hair flowers that I’ve encountered:

Braided Hair Flowers

Bridal hair flowers need to reveal a modest, yet stylish look. These braided flowers on the hair are very feminine. Use various flowers to make it more stylish. You can use red and white roses with gentle baby’s breathe flowers and you are ready to walk down the aisle with grace.

Woven Hair Flowers

Single White Hair Flower

A single white hair flower is another idea that you can use. This is not only suitable for weddings, but you can also use this on special parties. Add some leaves for that natural look.

Simple Hair Flower

Small Hair Flowers

For a subtle, yet elegant look, you can also use smaller flowers in your hair-do. These lovely pink flowers  are very pretty and attractive.

Pretty Hair Flowers

Aside from pink, yellow flowers on the side are also very fabulous. These are actually plastic hair flowers with pearls, but when used on the hair, they look very natural.

Lovely hair Flowers

Outdoor weddings such as garden and beach weddings are the inspiration for this hair flower arrangement. Just let your hair down and place small flowers in a linear fashion.

Little Bridal Hair Flowers

Stemmed Hair Flowers

Stemmed hair flowers is yet another natural flower arrangement for the hair. You can use fully-bloomed flowers, half-bloomed flowers and even buds for that more naturalistic style.

Hair Flower Ideas

Artificial Hair Flowers

If you want your hair accessories to look fresh all the time, you can use artificial hair flowers for that matter. This white artificial hair accessory with diamonds, feathers and mesh is a perfect option for that immaculate white gown.

Cute Hair Flowers

When looking for hair accessories for ordinary days, you can go for simpler hair flowers such as these ones. You can easily wear them since they come in clips.

Cool Hair Flowers

This aquamarine flower is another great idea for parties. Tie you hair in a bun and place it sideways for a chic look.

Blue Hair Flower Clip

Lastly, if you want a bolder statement in your look, using these artificial red roses is a nice way to look very chic on your garden wedding reception.

Artificial Hair Flower

Hair flowers are truly very pretty on your gorgeous locks. Using hair flowers is yet another excellent idea for your hair accessories.