Funky Skull Jewelry

Skull Jewelry had become popular during the times when metallic rock also rose. However, until now, skull jewelry is still emerging to be a popular jewelry style especially for those who want to exude a funky and Gothic fashion style.

Before, skull jewelry were only used by men; however, women also started to use them and now, we have various skull jewelry for women unique to the female gender.

Skull jewelry is usually made either from gold, silver, titanium or even plastic. Skulls have been very popular among rock stars and even people who are into rock use them as their regular accessories.

Before, skulls have been viewed as a sign of death so some orthodox individuals regard people using skull jewelry as rebels or evil. However, as time passed by, skull jewelry is now considered a mainstay in the field of accessories and even people who are not into rock or Gothic styles can use them based on their preferences.

Skull jewelries already have various designs and styles and here are some of the unique pieces that you can get:

Skull Rings

Probably the most popular skull pieces are skull rings. They come in various designs and they are usually  silver skull jewelry. The skull ring is very unique from other jewelry designs because it is neither too feminine nor masculine., Skull rings are very versatile as it can be used both by men and women.

Skull Rings

Usual skull rings come in single skulls, but this is made of a large skull with other smaller skulls around the main skull. The large skull is also studded with diamonds for that extra brilliance in the ring.

Skull ring

If you don’t want a skull-shaped ring, then getting this vintage ring with skull print is very nice. The skull pattern also seems to be a skull of a woman perfect for girls who want to mix Gothic with feminine look.

Vintage Skull Ring

Skull Earrings

You can also express your fashion uniqueness using cool skull earrings. This design is very outgoing, which includes a hoop earrings with several dangles of small skulls.

Funky Skull Earrings

Skull Bracelets

Next to skull rings, skull bracelets are the second most popular skull jewelry pieces. Most of the skull bracelets you see on the market may be very funky, but this gold skull bracelet looks very feminine and simple.

Skull Hand Bracelet

You can also get this baby skull silver bangle if you want a more subtle skull design.

Baby Skull Bracelet

Speaking of funky teens, this colored skull bracelet is very fun and cool.

Colored Skull Bracelets

Some who want a more expressive fashion sense stack their skull bracelets. These look very funky when used altogether, but if you desire a simpler look, then you can use them one at a time.

Skull Charm Bracelets

Skull Necklaces

Lastly, you can also get skull necklaces to complete your skull jewelry. There are simple pendants like the one below or you can get more extravagant designs.

Skull Necklace

If you combine chic and funky, you get this skull charm necklace. You may opt to use it as is or you can add more skull charms on it.

Skull Charmed Necklace

Using skull jewelry now does not necessarily mean that you are a rock star or a funky dude. Skull jewelry are best for days when you want to be different and out of your comfort zone.