Amazing Ways To Wear Palm Prints

There are certain fashion styles that are worn best in certain seasons. Like how pumpkin pies are great during Thanksgiving and that Christmas decors are stashed in the attic for most of the year and only used in a month. Palm print is the limited edition Ben and Jerry’s Cannoli-flavored ice cream of this upcoming summer fashion trends; buy them while it’s still a thing.

Being a seasonal wear is not the only drawback to palm prints. Often times, the bohemian feel of it remains. But what if you’re going for an urban summer style? Even if it’s far out of the embarrassing Dad’s Hawaiian Shirts, palm print can look far from being chic and more on being meh when not styled properly.

Here are some guidelines to help you up in dressing palm print clothes for the summer.

Quintessentially Quiet

For the gals out there playing it safe and doing some trial phase, start out subtle. Buy a neutral colored shirt with neutral palm print on it. It’s okay not to be loud about it. Besides, it can give you a casual and cool feel.

subtle palm print shirt

Wearing a loose sheer shirt with ripped shorts and tumbleweed sandals like this girl gives off a summery feeling without hurting the eyes of people looking.

cute palm print blouse

I love how she added an animal print belt on her almost-white ensemble. It adds a summer chic look that’s totally great this season.

 palm print skirt

So, any brown (e.g., suede and leather) accessories work great with the usual greenness of the palm print. Strappy sandals gives a boost to the outfit, too.


Understated Beauty

The best palm prints to wear for those who want to take it to a level higher: pick a palm print with neutral background. Green palm print on white, blue on white, the sorts. It gives a refreshing look while making a statement that’s perfect for those taking the summer on the gentle side.

chic palm print skirt

This one’s definitely for beach-flaunting. The holed shirt and straw hat offers a surprisingly cute addition while the rogue lips and coral blush tells you she’s not just messing around here.

pretty palm print dress

This is a very eccentric palm print here. Very little of the tropical essence of it is noticeable and replaced by a little modernization. The cute purse and lime green pumps helps out to up the modern chicness.

Neutral Match

It’s a standard tip when wearing prints: the best way to let it stand out is to pair it with base-colored clothes. And palm prints are no different.

 cute palm print tunic

The palm print tunic on this girl is cute. Notice how the skirt gives the illusion that it’s a dress.

palm print midi skirt

This outfit is absolutely adorable. A midi palm print skirt paired with dark blue plunging crop top showing off the midriff and that nude peep-toe.

 cute palm print shirt

Thinking of going preppy? Wear a long-sleeved palm print shirt over a matte button shirt, roll up the sleeves and slip on a dark-colored skirt. Accessorize with a brightly colored bag and eccentric sunglasses.

Accessory Awareness

Whether you’re going for the subtle prints or the wilder ones, palm prints will be palm prints. And the best way to not be overwhelmed by the tropical look is to keep it grounded with sharper, more solid accessories.

 palm print top black and white

The way this girl wore a black on white palm print with a white on black floral print and topped it off with a netted crop top was astounding in itself. The cherry on top was the bright yellow clutch.

 palm print match

This ensemble screams bold from the brightly colored blazer to the neon colored heels. But the accessories balance it out with mute colors—dark green for the bag and red for the bracelet.

 pretty palm print blouse

The cute palm print blouse and canary skirt here is utterly chic. Top it off with gold watches and beige bracelets and a pair of glossy sandals.