Finding the Perfect Cat Eye Sunglasses


The aim of arriving at the best piece of cat eye sunglasses to buy is never a joke. It demands proper understanding on some significant aspects that a buyer ought to know beforehand. These aspects include the idea that the sunglasses to choose must complement the shape of your face.

round cat eye sunglasses

Accordingly, there are few most common face shapes such as round, oblong, triangle, square and diamond. After determining the type of your face’s shape, you are good to go in give yourself a gift for pretty cat eye sunglasses.

black cat eye sunglasses

Here’s the catch folks!

You must make sure that the shape of the sunglasses frame that you will be investing must give a little contrast with the shape of your face. Consequently, an angular frame defines perfection for a woman with a round face. Contrast augments the beauty of both your face and your signature sunglasses.

vintage cat eye sunglasses

Moreover, a woman with obvious petite features must steer clear from exaggeratedly big frames. This type of frame will certainly make you look smaller.

More explicitly, a rimless sunglasses frame with a unique brow- line is a perfect selection for women with diamond- shaped face. Thus, those round or oval framed sunglasses with softer edged frame are great for square- faced pretty girls.

Sunglasses for  face shape

How about if you have a triangle- shaped face? An oblong face? And oval faces?

Basically, straight- lined and heavy- tinted sunglasses frames are wonderful pick for those people with triangle- shaped faces. On the other hand,    an oblong face will definitely be enhanced with frames that are broad. Square and wrap- around ones are stunning as well. Lastly, rectangular and those thicker framed signature sunglasses will look wonderful for tempting ladies with oval faces.

cute cat eye sunglasses


Not just that, the color of the frames to choose must perfectly fit your skin tone as well as your hair shade.  Frames in hues of camel, khaki, copper, gold, off-white, bright red and some kind of copper seem to be great in pretty dark- skin toned ladies. On the contrary, strong dark tints suit best for individuals with beautifully fairer skin.

cats eye sunglasses

Aside from these aforementioned aspects in choosing the best cat eye sunglasses, comfort is another thing to look forward to. Therefore; bear in mind that no matter what frame shape and color you prefer, you must never ever compromise convenience and or comfort.

dior cat eye sunglasses


Remember; buy cat eye sunglasses that fit the kind of personality you own.

Last of all, if you want style and a designer fashion piece, go ahead as long as your wallet can buy in! Pamper yourself with the best piece. Never go for so-so cat eye sunglasses for a little price difference. You certainly deserve the best handling more than anybody else.