Chic Ways to Wear Knee High Socks

Knee high socks aren’t exactly the kind of thing you would find in every girl’s closet and it’s because pulling it off can be quite a challenge. Wearing knee high socks can either look chic or look cheap, it depends on how you wear it and what you wear it with. Though you typically see them on Japanese anime girls, they are certainly very wearable in real life. If you’re curious as to how you can make these tricky little things work for you and your wardrobe, check out these chic ways to wear knee high socks below and see how you can incorporate them in to your style.

  • Plain black – one of the most popular ways to wear knee high socks is to just go for a pair of plain black ones as they’re the easiest to mix and match with any outfit. Plain black knee high socks are also great if you want to fake the look of wearing knee high boots with a particular outfit but then the weather is just too warm for a proper pair of knee high boots.

black knee high socks plain black socks

  • School girl style – this is actually inspired by those Japanese anime girls you see on TV or in comic books where school uniforms mostly consist of a button up blouse of some sort, a super short and sexy mini skirt and a pair of either black or white knee high socks. It’s cute but I personally think it’s not exactly for all ages. Perhaps if you’re a teen or a young adult you can pull the look off or if you’re a cosplayer then this could be one of the costumes you can sport but if you’re more on the ‘lady / woman stage’ then it might not be for you.

japanese anime inspired outfit

school girl inspired outfit

  • With a dress – sometimes you feel like wearing a dress but don’t entirely like the idea of looking too sweet or too girly in it and on days like those, the simple addition of a pair of knee high socks can take away the saccharine look of a feminine dress and make it look more casual with a slight hint of a street style vibe. Shirt / sweater dresses with knee high socks on colder days is the perfect outfit combo to go for if your want something chic, warm and cuddly while lighter, daintier and more girly dress styles paired with knee high socks make a great outfit combo for spring and summer.

dress and knee high socks simple shirt dress and socks

  • Hipster chic – This one might be one of the easier styles that you can recreate to pull off knee high socks and it’s really cute, too! The hipster chic look is perfect if you’re someone who’s always on the lookout for cool and hip styles and looks. Just throw on a shirt of your choice, a pair of shorts (possibly high waisted ones), a pair of brogues or oxfords and of course your knee high socks and you’re good to go!

hipster style outfit cool hipster outfit

  • Bright, patterned or printed – plain knee high socks in solid colors are pretty versatile but they tend to look boring sometimes. If you’re planning on using your knee high socks to accessorize your look, go for ones in bright colors or those that have fun patterns and quirky prints on them.

printed knee high socks navy knee high socks