Chic Ways to Wear Sequins Anytime

If you’re looking for an easy way to glam up your look, adding sequins to your outfit is the best way to go! Many people hold off on wearing sequins during the day because they think it’s just too flashy and shiny for daytime but there are definitely some tricks that let you wear sequins any time you want. If you’re a glam girl, you know there’s no such thing as looking too dressed during day time. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of making what you would wear at night more appropriate during the day. Check out these cool ways to wear sequins, whether it’s for daytime or nighttime.

  • Fully sequined dress – you may think this one can only be worn for parties, holidays and other special occasions but the truth is that a fully sequined dress can be worn any time, day or night, party or no party. Wear it when you want to feel extra glamorous or when you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Make it more daytime – friendly by adding a blazer on top and rocking a messy ‘do. You can even wear it with sneakers to give it a cool street style vibe.

fully sequined daytime dress black and gold dress

  • Sequin shirt – if you’re looking for a way to wear sequins with an easy casual vibe, try slipping into a sequin shirt and pairing it with your favorite jeans. This look is perfect if you’re torn between doing a casual look and a glamorous look or if you want to add a bit of an oomph to your everyday ordinary outfit. Whether you wear a fully sequined shirt or one that only has sequined design details depends on how glam you want your look to be.

rose gold sequin shirt

all out sequin outfit -- shirt

  • Sequined pencil skirt – think sequins have no place in your work wardrobe? Well, think again! A sequin pencil skirt actually makes a great addition to your work wardrobe and it’s a great piece to wear if you need something that will easily take you from day to night. If you work in a rather corporate and stricter setting, choose a skirt with minimal sequin details. It will take your workplace fashion style up a notch without you having to wear anything too loud or too bold.

holiday inspired outfit glam pencil skirt

  • Sequin shoes – one really chic yet subtle way to incorporate sequins into your look anytime is to wear sequin shoes. They’re noticeable but not the point where they steal the show from your whole outfit. If you’re on a tight budget or if you simply want to save some hard earned cash, why not DIY your own using a pair of shoes that you barely wear anymore? It’s a good way to get your creative juices flowing, too.

silver sequin platforms gold sequin shoes

  • Sequin blazer – another great sequined piece that you should add to your closet is a sequin blazer. It’s one of those things that you can wear on top of just about anything when you feel like a certain outfit needs a boost of glam. Sequin blazers are great for nighttime events, too. They won’t only keep you warm but will make your outfit look more stylish as well.

cool sequin blazer daytime sequin outfit