DIY Jewelry Ideas You’ll Love

There are hundreds of jewelry designs in the jewelry market, but some people just love to invent unique jewelries for themselves. DIY jewelry are unique jewelry pieces and you are certain that you have a one of a kind jewelry because you made it on your own in the first place. If you are eyeing  diy jewelry making for your personal use or as a means of increasing income, these diy jewelry ideas are excellent:

DIY Wooden Necklace

If you are wondering how to make diy jewelry, this wooden necklace is very easy to do. Get some wooden pieces like these at  the handicraft store and style with colorful threads and attach to string necklace or golden necklaces for a unique jewelry design.

Wooden Necklace

DIY Bobby Pin Earrings

You may never know how you can use Bobby pins aside from fixing your hair until you use these creative Bobby pins earrings. Paint them like this one and secure together using a string or wire and attach to an earring hook for that instant cheap earrings.

Bobby Pins Earrings


Braided Beads Necklace

If you are looking for funky and pretty necklace designs, this braided beads necklace is perfect. Stack several strings or beads and braid them together or just twist them and attach to a golden necklace for that instant lovely jewelry for special events.

Braided beads


DIY Blocks Necklace

If you have several small blocks at home from your child or sister or brother’s toys, you can make them useful again by making them into necklaces just by painting them the color you want and attaching them together for that unique pendant.
Cube necklace

DIY Fork Rings

Fork rings are very unique and look like vintage jewelries. Cut the handle designs and bend them to form a ring for that cheap adjustable ring. Make several of them using various designs.

Fork ring


DIY Leather Necklace

Leather can be made into unique patterns because they can be easily cut. Make a trace of a collar using gold leather or any color and attach to a golden necklace for that royal jewelry look.Leather collar


DIY Pins and Beads Bangles

This diy jewelry idea is just very amazing. Pile up the beads together using small pins. Make about 20 to 50 of these and fasten them together using a string for that colorful and creative bangle. Pins Bangles

DIY Spike Rope Bracelet

Ever wanted to wear those rock star bracelets? You can easily do one by getting a rope bracelet and attaching screws and spikes through it. Spike Rope Bracelet

DIY Tassel Bracelet

You can also make tassel charms for your plain bracelet by cutting threads in short lengths and fastening them using special studs. Attach them easily in your bracelet as charms using a wire. Tiny Tassel Bracelet


DIY Washer Necklace

Washers are not only used for hardware purposes because they can also be transformed into fabulous necklaces. Washer necklaceSource:

There are still hundreds of diy jewelry ideas that you can make. Use your creativity and work on the materials around you.