Emblematic Men’s Promise Rings

Choosing men’s promise rings is such a challenging task to do.

Despite of the fact that promise rings have been in the business world for decades now, they still managed to remain as famous as before.  As the twentieth century walks through contemporary and modern style, men promise rings stay in the market twined with unbeatable demand especially amongst thousands couples all over the globe.

men promise rings

Why do men give a promise ring to their girl in the first place?

A promise ring is not just a gift. Instead, it endows an extremely deep meaning. This is highly sacred and symbolic (I may say). This stands for a commitment before marriage. Basically, promise rings for men are an appropriate thing for young couple that denotes their well-built relationship. However, promise rings are also worn by married couples as a way of renewing their vows to each other.

promise rings

There are popular types of couple promise rings. If you desire to know what these are, you better spend a little time to read on.

Here are few of them.  

Traditional Promise Rings

single heart with diamonds

This is significantly less costly as compared to the other types of engagement rings available in the market today. This typically comes as a small token of love that is worn by both couples being bound by passion.

Double hearts, single heart with diamonds, sterling silver band with an artistic design, and heart-shaped gem stone and intersecting hearts in white and yellow gold are few of the popular promise ring designs.

Just a little footnote folks! Diamond solitaire promise rings are highly recommended for an engagement.

Historic Poesy Promise Rings

promise rings for men

This entails an engraved poem or a short message of devotion and loyalty. It was believed that when this passionate thought touches the skin of the wearer, they have the power to make it real.

Below are the most hailed designs of this men promise rings type.

  • English- inspired promise ring for men that entails a saying that goes “All I refuse and thee I choose!”
  • Hebrew promise rings that includes a special message saying, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”
  • Spanish- motivated promise rings for guys with an engraved message “No tengo mas que darte” This means “I have nothing more to give you.” Sweet isn’t it?
  • Gaelic promise rings is intended to be given to the so-called soul friend. The saying that is being included or engraved in the inner part of the ring that goes “Anam Cara” signifies a sacred promise of a man to the only love of his life.
  • French- inspired promise rings which connotes hope and love through the carved saying, “J’aime et J’espere”.
  • Italian promise rings with a well- engraved “Il mio cuore et il tuo per sempre”. This means “My heart is yours forever.

Religious Promise Rings

Heart and cross, a cross with an engraved word “love” on it, and biblical inscriptions are just few of the recognized designs of this type of promise ring. Consequently, these aforesaid designs mean a lot to the spiritual couple.

Claddagh Rings

promise rings for guys

Loyalty, love and friendship!

These are the significant meanings behind the traditional claddagh promise ring. The ring has three elements- the heart, the pair of hands and the crown. Thus, these elements represent love, friendship and loyalty consecutively. In this regard, this promise ring must be worn with the heart’s tip lie towards the heart of the one wearing it.

Knowing these brilliant designs and promise ring types is such a wonderful thing to note. In fact, this is the best way to speak out your hearts and minds and hold on to the uttered promise no matter what happens.

For that’s the essence of promise rings!