Fashion Subscription Boxes to Try

Beauty boxes have been around for such a long time now so I decided to check online and see what other subscription boxes are available and guess what? There are so many of them out there! From soaps to baby care products to fresh produce, wine, chocolates, snacks, and just food in general but one thing really caught my eye: fashion subscription boxes. Clothes, accessories, jewelry, purses, shoes – these were just some of the things you can expect from fashion subscription boxes. They all work a bit differently from one another so I thought I’d give you a quick overview of the most popular ones. Check out these awesome fashion subscription boxes to try out.

  • Le Tote – ‘Unlimited looks for a month for just $19’. Now if that’s not amazing enough to get you to sign up, I don’t know what is. Le Tote is a fashion subscription box that sends you clothing items based on the profile. Your profile, by the way, will have your size and measurements as well as some of the items you consider as your favorites from their selection. The clothes will arrive with prepaid envelopes so you can send them back after a month. If you love what you get, though, you can keep it and pay for it at a discounted price.  If you want to receive unlimited clothes to try for the month, you can pay $49 instead.

le tote outfit le tote rental top le tote subscription outfit

le tote logo outfit from le tote

  • Her Fashion Box – Her Fashion Box focuses on personalization and that’s one of the things that’s important when it comes to fashion so signing up seems like a really good idea. The box is from Australia, though, so expect a longer wait period if you’re outside of Australia. This box ships out more accessories than clothes and some will include beauty items as well as some fashion magazines. Subscription is AU$39.95.

the fashion box yt feature hfb fashion and beauty picks her fashion box accessories hfb necklace

  • Stitch Fix – Stitch Fix is pretty much like Le Tote (though I don’t know which one came out first). You receive a curated box based on the style profile you make upon signing up and  you receive 5 items which can be a mix of well-known designer labels and up and coming ones. It also comes with a prepaid mailing bag for returning the items after a month before they send you a new one. This box costs $20 per month but there’s no option to go unlimited like Le Tote.

stitch fix pink martini collection stitch fix outfit and box stitch fix box

  • Just Fab – Just Fab is a subscription box service lead by the fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons. This box specializes in shoes but you get to have jewelry and denims as special items as well. Just Fab offers two kinds of services: VIP and Pay As You Go. Each of these will bill you differently. Click here to know more. Shipping is free for Just Fab and there are special ‘boutiques’ you can visit from your friends and favorite YouTubers who have enrolled in the VIP Program. These boutiques will feature some of the items they have picked themselves.

just fab outfit just fab shoe feature just fab logo

  • BJB Express – BJB or Blue Jeans Bar is on the more expensive side of subscription boxes but it’s also one of the best. You mainly receive clothes (jeans, for the most part) and one or two accessories in the box. You’ll receive up to 4 outfits that you can choose from, you can keep the ones you like and pay for them along with the subscription and shipping fees.

bjb how to and logo bjb express pastel jeans bjb express outfit bjb curated outfit