Fashionable Pieces You Need to Have in Black

Whether you’re building a whole new wardrobe for your new-found sense of style or you’re re-building it to keep it up to date, there are just some things that you should never be without. These things are the staples that you can use as a foundation to build most of your outfits around. While getting colorful pieces is a sure way to get a fun and closet, getting some pieces in a color that’s universally flattering is the best way to go if you’re on a budget or if you’re building your closet up slowly. Black is one of the best colors to go for if you’re looking for something that would make you look good and would go well with the rest of your wardrobe too. Here’s a list of fashionable pieces you need to have in black.

  • Pumps – black pumps are essential in any woman’s wardrobe, even if you’re not a big fan of wearing heels. You can wear them to work, use them to dress up a casual outfit or wear them with a nice evening dress. If you’re a heels kind of girl then I suggest investing in a pair of really good quality pumps since you’ll most likely be wearing them every single day.

black pumps chunky heels basic black pumps

  • Blazer – wearing a blazer on top of any outfit can instantly make it look posh and more office-friendly. If you’re the kind who doesn’t like dressing up to the nines for work every day, simply wearing a blazer with a t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit will make you instantly go from drab to fab. Pick a black blazer (and get a few couple more in this color, if you can, later on) to make sure that it will go well with anything you put it on top of.

white shirt and black blazer

simple black blazer

  • Dress – owning a black dress is like owning a full wardrobe and it doesn’t even have to be just a little black dress. Buy maxi dresses in black so you can wear them until winter comes. If you’re a fan of sundresses, buy one or two in black, too. These can take you from day to night in an instant. Of course, the Little Black Dress should be somewhere in your list as well and while you’re at it, why not buy a black shift dress as well so you have something to wear to office parties when you don’t have much time to plan on an outfit for impromptu meetings and events.

lacey little black dress sexy and sultry

  • Pants – black pants are a must, especially if you have wide hips. Sure, jeans are still on the top of the staples list when it comes to bottoms but black pants (any kind, from skinny jeans, leggings, tailored trousers, flared or whatnot) come a close second.

cropped jogger pants miranda kerr leather pants

  • Tank top / camisoles – tank tops and camisoles are often used as layering pieces so having them in black is ideal because then it would be easy to mix and match them up with other pieces in your wardrobe. It’s also a great way to make them look a bit sexier and more flattering. Before you go crazy buying tank tops and camis in all sorts of different colors, make sure you have a few couple of them in black.

sheer black tank top leather cami outfit