Soft and stylish feather hair clips

We as women love feathers and feather clips, remember the days of childhood when most of us would have chased or collected beautiful soft colorful feathers and kept them safe to clip it to our hair, stick it to our pencils or pens, wear it as any other accessory and making us look beautiful. When you are given a beautiful feather clip to wear, wouldn’t you love it and adore it just like a kid? These feathers come in various colors, designs and sizes.

feather hair clips

This cute white feather clip with a chain hanging beneath with different brown color feathers look cute and flowing along side to the length of the hair.

cute chain feather clip

This green feather hairband made up of green color soft feathers and adorned with green beads to attach the feathers to the band and you can simply wear it as a hair band and make a simple dressing look really grand and cute with this grand hair band.

green feather hair accessory

Light cream color feather attached to a single large brown stone can be used to clip the side partition of the hair, this can be used as a wedding accessory and will look elegant for strapless wedding gowns or gown with simple strap and sleeves.

feather wedding hair clip

Bunch of small peacock feathers formed together as a clip can be matched with almost any kind of dress and they will look simple stunning for not only loose hairstyles but also look good when clipped to hair buns.

peacock feather hair clip

Black rose with bunch of black feathers, will look stunning when clipped to side bun or braided buns, it can be best matched for prom nights, or for parties, match it with black clothes, or bright red dress or for light colors.

black feather hair clip

Orange feather clip mixed with white feather clip will look trendy and stylish; this clip will look fabulous for any modern clothes and can be matched with multiple color dress too.

orange trendy feather clip

Red and blue feather hair clip that are attached upward to the clip will look great to clip it at the back, with a uplifted bun, either braided neatly or just a messy bun.

cute feather clip

Stone studded flowers with white feather hair clips will make a perfect bridal accessory and will go great with white flowing wedding gowns and short gowns, clip this feather clip to a any type of hair style and match it well.

bridal feather hair clip