Gold shoes: Perfect match for every occasion.


Shoes are a major part of anyone’s personality, especially women. While shopping, they would always look for the most trendy and fashionable pair of shoes in the market.

Victoria Beckham wears  gold shoes
Victoria Beckham

And why not a gold shoes?As the style of shoes is rapidly changing, one would always like to buy those pair of shoes that will always look smart and in vogue.

Gold, being a precious metal, also gives elegancy and royalty to anything that gets associated with it.



gold heels
gold heels

The color gold is much in demand for the shoe industry as it suits any color garment you wearing on any occasion like prom parties, evening parties or weddings. It suits every color and style of dress you are wearing.



 strapless safari dress and gold shoes
strapless safari dress and gold shoes


The history of wearing gold shoes dates back to Roman times where women used to where these gold shoes then known as Gladiator shoes. Also called as the jewelry for feet, they were made to fit the size of the wearer that is no one else could wear it. They were made from pure gold. When the wearer of the shoes died, they were placed in their tombs.


Beyonce Knowles wears gold shoes
Beyonce Knowles wears gold shoes

Gold shoes look trendy on any dress or in any occasion. Gold dress shoes are designed to fit your outfit style and color for a formal event.

new year look

Gold prom shoes are highly compatible with tones of browns, ivory and gold. Same goes for evening gold shoes. They will suit every style and color of the outfit.

gold shoes chic

Katy Perry  wears gold shoes and gold dress

Katy Perry gold shoes and gold dress

The only thing that must be kept in mind while buying gold wedding shoes,gold evening shoes or gold dress shoes are the perfect heelsize.

gold high heels

Gold shoes are also greatly used in weddings because of its extra imperial look. Designer bridal footwear in gold is available in stores anywhere. You can also buy them online.

 peep toe gold heels

Due to the increasing demands of footwear in gold, designs and variety are being made available in other aspects of life but only for women.

red dress and golden shoes

These features could be daily wear, college wear or party wear, there are numerous designs provided just by creating difference in heights like low heels which are around less than two inches could be used for daily wear, medium heels that are between two and three inches are best fitted for a prom night as it will be comfortable while dancing and high heels that are more than four inches in height are suitable for an evening event like some celebration party or for brides.

fashionable look with gold shoes and green coat
fashionable look with gold shoes and green coat