Grandeur Of Golden Pumps

Color Gold itself is rich and gives a very grand look. No matter what you wear in golden color they look fabulously awesome and golden pumps are no exception for they look rich and awesome for almost any type of clothing. Many of the celebrities love to wear golden pumps to many important occasions.


Brooklyn Decker was found wearing a spiky golden pump that looked very trendy and fashionable. The designer golden pump from Christian Louboutin looked stunning for her strapless maroon leather dress, which perfectly blended in match with the golden pump.

Brooklyn-Decker in golden pump

Eva Mendes was wearing a white and brown mixed color dress and matched it with a matt finish golden pump that looked pretty along with the brown dress and carried a matching golden clutches and was wearing golden bangles that was in perfect sink with the pumps

eva mendes matt finish golden pump

Lady GaGa was wearing a florescent yellow dress and a mega size golden pumps and a matching golden frame brown heart shaped sunglass that looked sexy and cool. She looked stunning with just the golden pump and a very minimal accessory.

Lady Gaga in golden pump

Hilden Duff’s metallic high-heeled golden pump was in perfect match with her golden brown color hair  and was wearing a black dress, which was a safest color to wear along with golden pumps.

hilary-duff metallic gold pump

Jessica Simpson looked absolutely stunning in her short black dress and glittering peep toe golden pump that was very sexy and she matched the golden pump with other golden accessories like golden bangle, golden crystal studded earrings, golden neck rope, which altogether looked perfect and amazing.

Olivia Wilde’s golden color metallic pumps with matching golden color ear studs and golden clutches looked amazing with her white color body hugging dress. White and golden makes a very classic combination and Olivia just played it right with the prefect combination.

Olivia Wilde in golden pumps

Victoria Beckham has a wide collection of shoes and pumps and this golden Brian Atwood spring collection is one among them. She was found wearing the golden pump in match with the simple black dress that looked very elegantly sexy and stylish with her simple partially pinned hairstyle.

victoria beckham in golden pump

Jennifer Lopez was wearing a stunning designer golden pump that was a standout and looked very catchy and attractive. The golden shoe was studded with golden crystals throughout the entire area that made the pump glittering gold and matched perfectly with her white dress embellished with golden designs, which was perfectly stunning.