Gorgeous Colors You Need to Add to Your Closet Right Now

With fashion, there’s always a chance to start anew. The beginning of the year prompts many fashionistas to re-evaluate their style and update it as they deem necessary and the changing of the seasons is a great chance for everyone to try something new – be it a new style, trend, silhouette, brand or even just a new color. If you ever find your wardrobe being a little too monotonous recently, maybe it’s time to introduce some new color to the mix. Here are some of the most gorgeous colors you need to add to your closet right now.

  • MARSALA – Marsala is Pantone’s color of the year for 2015 so it should be no surprise to you that this color is one of those you must try to wear if you haven’t already and add to your closet. This rich, warm red wine color is perfect for warming up your winter wardrobe but it will look just as great come spring and summer, for sure. If you’re not sure that this color would look good on you in clothes, how about a few couple of Marsala accessories to match a fierce Marsala lip?

marsala fur gilet marsala outfit from head to toe marsala pleated skirt

  • VIOLET – violet is such a majestic color, everyone should wear this more. If you’re looking for a new color to sport that will give you that classy and elegant look, you should definitely look into adding more shades of violet in your closet.

violet outfit violet skirt violet top

  • CAMEL – a camel coat is undoubtedly one of the most chic things you could ever add to your wardrobe but did you know that the color camel itself can lend any piece a simple yet sophisticated vibe? If you’re looking for a new go-to neutral color, make it camel! It’s a great color to wear all year round and it will blend seamlessly into your closet with the rest of your clothes so you won’t have trouble mixing and matching for your outfits.

camel coat camel colored shorts camel outfit

  • LIGHT YELLOW – yellow is usually a tricky color to pull off because it’s not exactly very easy on the eyes and it often draws attention even if you don’t ask for it but then that just makes it a great statement color. If you don’t want too much of the stark boldness, choose a lighter and milder shade of yellow or maybe try to go for muted hues.

light yellow outfit light yellow pants light yellow skirt

  • BRIGHT ORANGE – this color was one of the biggest lip trends from last year and now it’s making its way into our closets. Bright orange is a great color to wear on its own if you want to make a statement with your look but you can also just anchor it with neutrals and use it as a pop of color to add to your look.

bright orange lace top bright orange pants bright neon orange shorts