Gorgeous Ways To Wear Platform Shoes

Platform shoes, particularly platform sneakers by Alexander McQueen, are abundant this spring and they sure will be for the next season and the next and the next. Why wouldn’t it be? Platform shoes has regained its righteous place as one of the fashion must-haves during the Spring/Summer Collections and it will definitely stay for the Fall and Winter.

Platform shoes offers some extra height without the struggle and pain as stilettos do. They are versatile and can practically be worn with whatever style you are tapping into. May it be casual, classy, boho, punk or grunge–you name it. Platform shoes will definitely spike it up. And here are some fabulous ideas and looks that you can steal from.

Simple and Casual

platform sneakers casual


Start up simple and casual like the girl above. Her outfit is definitely plain and simple, even the style of the platform sneakers. But the sneakers being platform amped up not only her height but gave enough spike to the entirety of the outfit.

platform pumps skinny jeans

Take this girl for example, everything is casual and simple from her messy bun down to the pumps. But the effect is subtle femininity and an illusion of being taller. A wonderful result from platform pumps, skinny high-waist jeans and crop top with a wavy hemline.


Cute and Feminine

platform sneakers cute

I’ve noticed how Asians really work out their outfits with platform shoes. One reason might be because of their petite stature. But this girl really knows how to make the edgy white platform sneakers go well with her lace-and ruffles cuteness-overload ensemble. I mean, did you see that cute cat tattoo?

platform sandals feminine

This dress is a nostalgic silhouette that reminds me fondly of Audrey Hepburn. However, the dress’s sleek material and the silver platform sandals gives the outfit a healthy balance of modern and classic.

platform shoes pretty outfit

This outfit is definitely one of my favorites. While the coat embroidered with pink and white floral ornaments and bright pink pants offers the feminine touch, that leather platform ankle boots gives that androgyny and boyish addition that balances out the entire outfit.

Modern Chic

platform shoes edgy chic


The light cotton dress plus the leather jacket and shiny platform pumps is an image of modern chicness and beauty. Add to that the timeless accessory: smartphone!

platform shoes simple

This attire screams modern from the knitted top to the golden platform shoes. The trick here is to let your shoes take the shine with dark clothes and accessories.

platform shoes fringe

The fringed hemline of the almost black dress leads eyes to the stunning black-and-white laced-up platform shoes. Meanwhile, the dark blue blazer keeps the upper part simple, letting the bottom have the spotlight.

Bohemian Beauty

platform sandals fringe

Gear up for the summer with this outfit! The perfect platform shoes for those opting to go boho is anything brown, leather or suede. The heavy leather or suede will contrast well with the usual looseness of the boho-inspired clothes. While the brownness is perfect for the summery feel of bohemian wears.

platform boots boho

The outfit of this girl totally screams bohemian. But that black platform boots spiked it all up. It gives the 70s feel of the ensemble.

Grunge and Punk

Platform shoes have been closely related to the grunge and punk fashion. No question there. Platform shoes gives an air of rocker girl and it’s definitely wonderful for anything black, a staple color in both grunge and punk fashion.

platform boots grunge

platform shoes punk