How To Find The Perfect Necklace for Your Neckline

You’d think that of all the pieces in your outfit, picking the right jewelry is the easiest task. Whatever you’re in the mood for would do, right? No. Jewelries can have a bigger impact on your entire ensemble than you might think.

Necklaces, particularly, since they interact with your outfit more than the other jewelries. The wrong necklace to pair can leave your outfit looking unfortunately bland or confusing. Either way, we don’t want that.

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect pair of necklaces depending on your neckline.


Crewneck is one of the most common necklines there is. There is no one who does not a single own crewneck clothing. The perfect necklace to make crewneck tops more festive is a collar or statement necklace that hits just on the neckline. This creates an illusion that the neckline is deeper than it really is.

crew neck pendant

crew  neck statementcrew neck collar

crew neck long necklace



V-Neck is probably the most flattering neckline on anyone. We want our necklaces to either hang shorter than the V of the neck or dangle farther down the neckline for a perfect necklace/neckline match.

vneck pendant

v neck statement


Scoop necklines show a lot of skin. If that’s not your goal, then pull out a chunky necklace that will help in minimizing skin exposure while making you look even more glamorous. Otherwise, you can wear a long dangling necklace.

scoop statement

scoop pendant

scoop long


Guaranteed, any kind of necklace will fit well with a collared neckline. Just remember that if you’re opting for a formal look, choosing a monochromatic necklace or keeping the top button close and inserting the necklace underneath the collar are both exceptional looks. This tip excludes pendant with thin chains. When it comes to pendant with thin chains, it’s best to just keep it underneath the top for a subtle and classy look.

collared statement

collared statements

collared long

Sweetheart & Strapless

Sweetheart and strapless necklines are almost similar in terms of skin exposure. These necklines are just asking for an accessory. Chunky necklaces and statement necklaces look great with these necklines. But pendant necklaces that falls just a few inches above are subtly sublime too.

sweetheart statement

strapless pendant

Boat Neck & Turtleneck

Now, they say that these two necklines are kind of tricky since the neck isn’t exposed with these necklines. I say, treat them as blank canvasses! Since, there isn’t much going on with turtlenecks and boat neck, you can whip up any necklaces and still look fabulous. A pendant gives that classy lady look. A statement necklace and long dangling necklace makes the outfit either more festive or casual.

boat neck pendant

boat neck chunk necklace

turtleneck statement

turtleneck pendant