How to Look Stylish At the Beach on a Budget

Headed to the beach for a day filled with fun with your friends? Being a fashionista, we all know your goal is not just to have tons of fun by the water – you want to look your best while doing so too! Looking stylish at the beach may seem easy – I mean, what’s so difficult about rocking that beach body (that you’ve worked so hard for, by the way) in that cute little bikini you just bought, right? Well, it’s not all about that. Looking stylish at the beach means looking great, wearing cute swimsuits, having fab accessories and more! Check out these tips on how to look stylish at the beach.

  • Decide on what to splurge and save – for all the ladies out there who are on a budget for your beach wardrobe this summer, this is necessary. Decide on what you should splurge on and where you can save. If you have bikini separates, there’s really no need to buy new pairs anymore. You can use what you already have instead and buy something else with the money that you can spend like a cute beach tote or a fabulous sun hat.

high waisted bottoms bikini outfit mismatched

  • Mix and match  – if you love going to the beach, I’m pretty sure you’ve accumulate tons of bikinis tops and bottoms over the years so instead of splurging on a new pair, why not start mixing and matching your tops and bottoms instead to come up with fun and quirky sets that are also stylish and super cool. Mismatched bikinis are on trend this summer, too, so don’t be afraid about looking cray or anything.

retro inspired look

mismatched bikini

  • Wear statement accessories – accessories make or break your outfits and that includes your beach getup as well. Wearing the right accessories with your swimsuits can make a big difference in your look. Chunky statement accessories always look great with swimsuits. Make sure to take them off before you take a dip, though, so they don’t get wet and ruined. If you plan on just lounging around, though, just keep them on to complement your beach “lounge around” outfit. You don’t have to buy new ones. In fact, you can even make your own if you’re crafty and creative.

chic summer accessory chunky necklace and leather jacket

  • DIY a sassy summer tote – your summer beach bag isn’t just for carrying around all your beach essentials, you know. It can also give your outfit some personality. I personally like to use my oversized and fully-sequined summer tote to the beach. I just love how it glistens under the sun and how cute it looks with my swimsuits, my cover-ups or my lounge around outfits too. What I really love about it, though, is that it didn’t cost me a single penny because I made it myself! On a tight budget? Why not DIY your own summer tote! It’s super fun and easy to do so don’t worry.

green monogrammed tote DIY beach tote

  • Repurpose accessories – just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on accessories at the beach. Get creative and start repurposing your accessories. Your cute spring scarves, for example, can be worn as a bandana to accessorize your hair and keep it safe from the sun or as a sarong. You can even use it as a beach towel for when you sunbathe. Those cute little scrunchies can be used as part of your arm candy while your hair is down while that really cute kimono cardigan that you wear with your tank top and jeans can be used as a bikini cover up.

colorful cover up stylish beach outfit