How to Make a Pair of Cool DIY Studded Shorts

Studded shorts are so hot right now you’ll see everyone wearing them including young, hip celebs from Rihanna to Selena Gomez. A pair of studded shorts can easily transform a plain casual outfit into a more sophisticated one with a more rocking youthful vibe.

studded shorts and blazer

yellow studded shorts

While a lot of people may think that studded shorts are only for the rockers, anyone can actually wear them. It just depends on the design and pattern of the studs and of course, the type of shorts that you use. You can actually stud any pair of shorts that you have as long as they are sturdy enough to be pierced and strong enough to hold the weight of the studs you will be attaching to them.

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Studded shorts are so popular and in demand, they can burn a hole in your pocket if you’re on a tight budget. However, there’s no reason to be disappointed. DIY studded shorts are so easy to make you’ll be wearing your own in no time.

hip studded shorts

To make your DIY studded shorts, you will need a pair of shorts, studs of your choice (you can get them from most craft stores), thin pliers, a ruler and a pencil for marking your design layout. Once you have all your materials for your DIY studded shorts laid out, you can start marking your design with a pencil. If you choose to do a definite shape (crosses are very popular), use your ruler to mark your design. Don’t worry about the pencil markings, the studs should cover them up and they would eventually get washed out anyway.

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After this, you can start putting the studs on. Push the studs down and make sure they’re down all the way through. With your thin pliers, push the clasps down together to ensure that the ends lay flat on the fabric. Continue to do this until your design comes together and you’re done!

studded shorts cross

Most of the time, you’ll see that distressed denim shorts are used for DIY studded shorts projects. However, you can always do this with shorts that are of other fabric / material like cotton, slacks, or even leather. Making DIY studded shorts can save you a lot of money, considering that a brand new pair could cost you right around $50 to $60 each. It’s also a good way to make plain old shorts look cooler, more hip and more stylish.

cross studded shorts

leather studded shorts