How To Make Your Outfits Look Expensive

Admit it. The reason we usually go for branded clothes is because of both their high quality materials and wonderfully clean design. I know I do. They master the art of perfectly mixing great quality and great aesthetics. But one of the main drawbacks of branded clothes is their price. To us, especially the non-A-listers, high-priced clothing are something we indulge ourselves every once in a while. They aren’t something you buy habitually.

But did you know that you can make a super stylish outfit out of clothes from inexpensive shops, too? Yes, you can. There are beautiful finds in thrift shops and little boutiques that has very little difference with their branded alternatives. And you have numerous ways and things to remember and do for you to incorporate those simple clothes in an expensive-looking outfit. Here are some tips and tricks.

All White or All Black Outfits

A very easy way to wear an expensive-looking outfit is to have it in either an all-black or all-white. There is a certain classiness in wearing either of these two timeless colors. This is, of course, if you don’t want to hassle with the texture and shades of the outfit because black is black and white is white, no matter what shades or texture. It doesn’t get boring.

all black outfit

all white outfit

Go For Monochromatic

As for the other colors such as blue, green and red, monochromatic is a bit complex compared to all-black or all-white. A variety of texture and shades is needed for this because, unlike the two classic colors mentioned above, monochromatic outfits using colors in the spectrum can easily get bland or boring.

blue monochromatic outfit

light brown monochromatic outfit

Tailoring Is Key

A good fitting clothes will make it more exclusive to you only. However, maybe the first thing you have in your mind is something in the lines of, “How could I do that when tailoring is expensive?” The thing is, ladies, you don’t have to worry about how much you’ll spend. Tailoring, such as adjusting the hemlines, is fairly affordable. What you should worry about is the quality of the work of the seamstress or tailor. So better find one that’s really great at what he/she is doing.

tailored pants outfit

tailored dress

The Presence of Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are colors that could be matched up to nearly every other colors there are. Examples of this are white, black, light tan, and nude pink. Neutral colors will add up to the overall harmony of your outfit. Also, it could tone down the other colors in the outfit, especially when placed in the center of attention.

neutral colored outfit

plain top and shorts outfit

Timeless Garments

When choosing for expensive-looking outfits, it’s better to stay off the trends. Now, before you react strongly about that, let me explain. There are certain trends that are short-lived; they might last for a season or a year or two. And you don’t want to invest on trendy clothes. Instead, try to invest more on timeless garments such as dark washed jeans and V-neck shirts.

white tee shirt outfit

dark wash jeans outfit

Incorporating Basic Clothes

This is slightly related to timeless garments. Although, basic clothes are usually worn as a harmonizer rather than the key piece of the outfit. However, there is sublimity in simplicity and if you add some clean accessories or tailored garments, you’ll be able to pull it off.

basic shirt and white pants outfit

black and white outfit

Gold Jewelries

You don’t need to have to much jewelries going on to create that posh and luxe feel to your outfit. A gold chain or a golden cuffs is enough to make a statement to what would have been a simple outfit.

gold chains Reese Witherspoon

gold bracelet

Structured Bags

Your bag could give a big impact to your outfit if you want it to. To create that posh and luxe feel of wearing an expensive outfit, structured bags is the way to go.

structured bag

black structured bag

Clean Prints

Prints are usually hard to give out the posh and luxe look of expensive-looking outfits. So you have two options here: first, always always look for tailored clothes or adjust them to your local tailor or seamstress. Second, is to stick with polished and neat prints such as window checks and Breton stripes.

window check print outfit

breton stripes shirt