How To Master The Off-Duty Look Like A Model

The runways aren’t the only place in which we pine over the glorious charisma and alluring air that models bring to clothes. They bring it everywhere they went, 24/7, on whatever clothes they wear so it is no longer a surprise that we start to look out for them in the streets in clothes that says so much about their own style. Hence, the off-duty look was born.

The term “off-duty” and the look it defines has become part of the sartorial vocabulary and is now as common as the words “classic” and romantic. Vogue Magazine describes the off-duty look as a “nonchalant dress code adopted by models and actresses when dressed for their private lives.”

So how exactly can us commoners pull this off and master them? Well, for one thing, we don’t necessarily have to buy a new ensemble just to create the look. You, ladies, likely even have all you need to pull them off. Here are some helpful tips.

Stick To The Basics

Like mentioned above, it is simply unnecessary to go to an all-out wardrobe change and buy a whole new ensemble to achieve this look. Start with your basics: relaxed shirts, distressed jeans, your favorite go-to boots. And go from there. Just remember that the key to this style is to look nonchalant.

basic outfit off duty look

off duty basic outfit

Go Monochromatic

Another fairly easy way to pull off the off-duty look is to go with monochromatic outfits. Unlike the minimalist style, you can have the liberty of putting on different accessories and wear any kind of prints you like. So long as you keep the outfit in the direction of one color.

monochromatic off duty look Kendall Jenner

off duty monochromatic outfit

Add Something Menswear Inspired

One thing I noticed with how the models achieve the sartorially mouth-watering off-duty look is by adding a little bit androgyny to what they are wearing. Of course, if this is not your style, you don’t have to torture yourself into doing so.

men's jacket and romper

romper and oversized jacket

Layer It Right

For the off-duty look, layering is year-round. You have to know how to correctly layer your outfits especially during the warmer seasons. For these days, go for thinner clothes or those made of lightweight materials.

layered outfit off duty

layered outfit Cara Delevingne

Go Bold With Your Prints

The one thing that models seem to pull off with their off-duty outfits is their innate ability to make any kind of prints look gorgeous. I guess, it’s because of the long time they are exposed to runway ensembles. For us, mere mortals, we can achieve this too by keeping it in mind that one neutral color must be prevalent in our outfit–especially the mix print ones.

bold printed outfit

off duty mix print outfit

All You Need Is Trench Coat

Sometimes, you don’t have to go all-out styling and think long and hard of what to wear. Another simple way of pulling off off-duty look is by wearing whatever you feel like wearing and slip on a trench coat. Remember to wear spring coats and lighter ones in spring and summer and the heavier ones for fall and winter.

trench coat Anja Rubik

polished trench coat outfit


Be On The Edge

When in doubt, just remember to put a little edginess to your outfit. This, in turn, will give you that charismatic and alluring atmosphere that models usually have.

edgy model off duty style

edgy off duty outfit

Fresh-Faced Femme

Keep your face as fresh and glowing as you can. Go for natural makeup, groom your eyebrows and stick to nude pink lipstick color.

fresh face Gigi Hadid

fresh face Miranda Kerr

Tousle Your Hair Like You Just Don’t Care

But really…do care. Just don’t let people think you do. How to achieve this? Scrunch up a bunch of your hair in your hand, spray a bit of hairspray and voila, you’re good to go!

tousled hair Karlie Kloss

tousled hair