How to Modernize Your Bridal Look

Being a bride is a very special experience. For the first time in your life, you get to choose how things will be and how things will go on your very own special day where everyone else’s focus and attention is on you. The traditional bride look is lovely. However, if you’re the kind who’s more into fun and unique looks, you might already be thinking of ways on how to modernize your bridal look. Don’t be afraid to veer away from the conventional bridal look and be confident in choosing things for your bridal look that will make it more you and more unique.  After all, it is your look for your day and you are allowed to do as you please. Here are some tips that you might find useful in tweaking your bridal look towards your own personal style.

  • Wear a long necklace backwards – this look is very glamorous if your bridal gown / dress has a low scoop or open back. It has a little bit of a retro feel to it though it’s not completely vintage style. If you plan on doing this for your bridal look, make sure that you will be having your hair in an updo. Otherwise, it would be useless to wear that necklace backwards. On choosing your necklace, make sure it’s easily visible and not just some shiny flimsy chain. Pearl necklaces look very pretty for this look though you can also use other kinds of necklaces. It would also be awesome if you could get your hands on a cute necklace with a unique statement pendant / charm to hang on your back.

vintage backwards necklace pearl backwards necklace

  • Put on a pair of bridal flats – so you’re not good at walking on heels, that’s fine. There’s really no need to feel pressured into wearing a six-inch bridal stiletto when you don’t want to or can’t. Bridal flats are a great alternative to the traditional heels. They’re easier to walk in so you’re guaranteed to be comfy throughout the day plus they give you a unique bridal look.

cobalt blue wedding flats

bridal ballerina flats

  • Cut it short – bridal dresses have almost always been long but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of having to kick the heavy fabric off and away from your feet on your way to the altar then choose a short dress. If you’re having a church wedding, you may have to discuss with the church so you know what length is acceptable (a mini bridal dress may not be allowed) but if you’re doing an outdoor one then you don’t have to worry about it. You can still have a long train attached to your short dress, if you’ve always liked the drama of it.

cute mini bridal dress and simple bridal dress

  • Sport some color – gone are the days when wedding gowns needed to be all white. Today, as a modern bride, you are free to choose any color you want for your dress on your big day. If you’re having a color motif for the entire event, you can have a dress that’s color coordinated with that or you can just choose to wear your favorite color.

white and blue wedding dress elegant blush gown

  • Wear a statement headdress – forget about the tiara. If you want to get a modern bridal look, I’d say go for some fancy, show stopping statement headdress to complete your bridal look. How bold and how loud it should be, of course, depends on your taste.

boho bridal headdress big bridal headdress