How to Style a Tie Dye Dress

Tie dye dresses are so trendy and chic. You’ll see a lot of women wearing these dresses everywhere and while they may seem a little too casual, these cute dresses are actually also pouring down on runways. Tie dye dresses are often so colorful and bold that picking, mixing and matching accessories with them can be a difficult task.

tie dye fringe dress

The main thing about tie dye dresses is the color. These dresses come in a kaleidoscope of colors that sometimes you’ll find yourself wondering which of the colors to match with your accessories. The key is to find the dominant color in your tie dye dress and either match it or contrast it with the accessories.

pastel tie dye dress

For jewelry, chunky but neutral pieces work best with a tie dye dress. A couple of chunky wooden bangles on one hand and a statement ring on the other would look best if you are trying to achieve a boho chic look. You can also start an arm candy party and stack up a few multicolored plastic bangles or few couple of dainty bracelets on one arm as long as they match your tie dye dress. Long and layered necklaces that are made with beads or chains with a statement pendant or charm would also look well with a tie dye dress. As for earrings, simple studs will do.

boho tie dye dress

tie dye dress

For shoes, most tie dye dresses, especially the longer ones, would look best with strappy flat sandals. However, if you want to look more fashion forward, you can always wear bright heels, pumps or wedges with them. Boots may not always work; it depends on the length of your tie dye dress.

tie dye dress and strappy heels

bright tie dye dress

Tie dye dresses call for either hand held purses or oversized bags. Remember that the pattern and color on your dress is eye catching enough so you might want to opt for neutral purses without too many accents. Also, if you find that the flow of your tie dye dress is covering your real body shape, feel free to cinch the waist and use a belt.

tie dye dress and oversize bag

modern tie dye dress

Since tie dye dresses are very popular during the summer time, shades are usually a great accompaniment to this piece of clothing item. Any type of sunglasses of any color would go well with tie dye dresses.

Lastly, for a hairstyle that would compliment your tie dye dress, anything that’s simple and laidback will do. You can just let your hair down or you could do either a quick ponytail or a really pretty braid.

yellow tie dye

Keep all these tips in mind and you’re sure to turn heads with your tie dye dress ensemble.

tie dye dress and boots