How to Wear All Black with Style

An all black outfit is something that almost everyone can pull off. Wearing black from head to foot is such a classic and it has a lot of nice benefits too. It’s got a nice slimming effect so it’s perfect if you’re aiming for a sexier silhouette, it’s elegant and it’s chic, you can wear it no matter what your skin color is, it doesn’t choose a hair color to go with and it’s super easy to style. Aside from those, black looks good on everyone, men and women alike. Wearing an all black ensemble makes dressing up in the morning a breeze. However, it can also be boring and dull. Here are a few of our top tips and tricks on how to wear black with style.

  • Wear different fabric – when creating an all black ensemble, try to mix and match different kinds of fabrics to create a more interesting texture. Wearing the same fabric all in black would create a boring look. try to combine matte fabric with glossy ones like cotton and leather or smooth fabric with those that have a slightly rough texture like silk and velvet. Of course, you will have to choose your fabrics according to the weather as well. You wouldn’t want to be sweating heaps in the summer or freezing cold during winter, now, would you?

black textured black texture

  • Make sure the clothes fit right – the secret to getting the most out of wearing black for it’s slimming effect is to choose clothes that fit you just right. you’ll want to create a sexy silhouette so avoid anything too tight that will leave you squeezing those muffin tops out because that would make an unsightly shape. On that note, also steer clear of anything too loose that would create a shapeless silhouette. Just leave enough room for you to comfortable move in.


perfect fit perfect fit outfit

  • Add pops of color through accessories – if you think that your all black outfit is too monochromatic for your taste or if you simply want to make it look more fun, you can add pops of color through your accessories. Black goes well with all colors so it wouldn’t be easy to decide on what color to use for this. A neon belt to break the black would be a nice way to play down your height. A bright red shoe would make a nice and bold surprise to anyone who gives you the head to foot scan. A colorful statement necklace is a great idea if you want to add lots of colors to black without having to look like a walking rainbow.

color color on black

  • Go classy with pearls and diamonds – pull off an Audrey Hepburn and go classic with the combination of an all black ensemble combined with pearls and / or diamonds to create a very chic, stylish and elegant look. You can wear this look to any event where you want to look posh and sophisticated with a hint of old world glam. If the budget doesn’t permit, you can always go for faux pearls and diamonds and you’ll still be able to achieve an equally classy look.classy classy outfit classy black