How To Wear Rompers This Summer

There are certain trends in fashion that just makes you think it’s being trendy for the season is unquestionable. Such trends are rompers.

During the warmer season when the heat is present for most of the day, you’d want to go outside and enjoy some fun outdoor activities such as biking and picnics. And we all know that dresses, while absolutely breezy and nice to wear when it’s warm out, don’t exactly offer the comfort and modesty that the jumpsuit’s little sister can give.

And while it’s one of the most ideal clothes to wear on the beach, it’s amazing how you can saunter in the streets wearing it. Check out some awesome ways on how to wear rompers for the summer–whether it’s near the beach or not.

Floral Rompers

Floral rompers are easily the trendiest and most sought for kind of romper these warmer seasons. Because, let’s face it, there is nothing more summery as the beautiful combination of flowers and rompers. And it’s definitely good for those who are going for the delicate and feminine look.

floral romper

classy floral romper taylor swift

Denim Rompers

The sexy and more feminine cousin of denim overalls. It’s fitting for this season, too, since we’re all into recreating one of our most favorite fabric. You can go tomboy with a pair of sneakers and a long-sleeved shirt tied around your waist or put a little girl essence in your outfit with gladiator sandals and fedora hat.

denim romper

denim romper and gladiator sandals

Belted romper

There are rompers with an already attached belt with them but they are usually of the same fabric. And there are also those who have none. A belt can do a lot on your silhouette. If you cinch it a few inches higher from your waist you’ll have the illusion of longer legs and this will be great for those who are petite or with short legs.

belted romper

belted romper white

Patterned romper

Personally, I love the neat and structured patterns or prints more than those that are bold and psychedelic. You’d want horizontal stripes if you want to emphasize or show off your curves. Keep your accessories at a minimum and something plain to keep the attention to your wonderfully pattered romper.

tile printed romper

breton stripe romper

romper and birkenstocks

Romper under a jacket or cover up

Your romper might just be a simple one or maybe it is dressy but you can change your look from dressy-chic to edgy with just the right jacket or cover up. A leather jacket will make any romper have an edgy feel to it. A denim jacket will dress down even the dressiest of rompers. Bold printed blazer over plain romper makes it totally wearable for parties and clubs while blazers in solid colors will harmonize with the bold printed romper underneath it nicely.

romper and leather jacket

romper and denim jacket

white romper and bold printed blazer

floral romper and blazer

Sleeveless and athletic rompers

There are sleeveless rompers that would look like jumpers at first glance. Wearing a collared shirt underneath it will make a cute and preppy outfit. I like how the girl below kept her accessories modern-chic to contrast with the flimsy preppy outfit with the huge bow.

sleeveless romper and shirt

This buttoned-down romper could have been a sleek cross between casual and office but that drawstring on the waist creates an athletic look that makes this outfit undeniably athleisure.

sleek white romper