How to Wear the Tartan Fashion Trend

This fall, one of the hottest trends is tartan fashion. Some may not be very familiar with what tartan fashion is because most of the time, tartan is plainly called plaid or checkered. However, there is a lot more to tartan than just plaids and squares. Tartan is a design that’s originally from Scotland and it has stripes of different colors, sizes and width. These stripes were originally used in Scotland to distinguish different clans from each other.

Today, tartan is everywhere. On runways you will see models sporting various designers’ work in tartan, on the streets you will see people wearing tartan, in stores you will see tartan fashion in the store front displays. By the looks of it, tartan fashion is going to be a staple this fall so we’ve got some ideas for you on how you can wear this trend.

  • Wear a tartan dress – a full piece of print is always the best way to try out a new fashion trend safely. A tartan dress worn with a pair of ballerina flats or kitten heels can be a great look for a casual daytime outfit. Boots are also a popular choice for footwear when wearing tartan dresses. It’s very simple but still so effortlessly chic. If you ever feel that wearing one print in a full piece is too much for you, you can always wear a jacket, coat or blazer on top.

tartan red dress dress tartan

  • Tartan button-down shirts – add some Scottish girl vibe to your wardrobe by adding tartan button down shirts. These are very versatile pieces that you can wear with different things to create different looks. For a casual work outfit, you can wear your shirt buttoned up and paired with skinny jeans and heels with a nice blazer thrown in on top. For an edgier street punk look, wear your tartan button down over a graphic shirt and match with a pair of denim or leather shorts and heavy boots. Studded accessories are also a great addition to the punk-ish look.

shirt tartan and shorts

shirt tartan tartan shirt

  • A flash of tartan – if you aren’t sure you can pull of wearing tartan on clothes, why not do it on accessories instead? A tartan purse, scarf or maybe even shoes is a great way to start wearing the tartan fashion trend. Another idea is to take a long=sleeved tartan shirt and tie it to your waist to dress down your outfit and make it look more casual.

tartan shirt on waist scarf tartan

  • Tartan skirt – want a closer Scottish fashion experience? Why not wear tartan the way they do? On skirts! Although in Scotland it’s the men often wear the tartan skirt, you can also wear it and match it with cute clothes.

tartan skirt skirt tartan