Look Sexy and Chic with Leopard Tights

Leopard tights are one of the hottest trends during fall. Leopard prints have become a fashion statement wherein various outfits such as dresses, tops, pants, bags, shoes, belts and printed leggings for women have their leopard prints on them. The animal design showcases a fierce attitude so women love to use them when they wake up in mornings when they feel very energized and bold.

Leopard tights make the legs look bolder

Cute Leopard tights

There are various ways on how to look great in leopard prints and one way is to use leopard print tights. Leopard tights for women tend to be very chic and they can be more modest than wearing an all-leopard printed dress or outfit. If you want to mix and match other colors with your leopard prints, wearing leopard leggings or tights is the best. Here are some of the best ways to look chic and sexy in your leopard tights:


If you are just going outdoors and need to hit the mall, wearing your leopard tights with white tops or shirts turns your regular outfit into a more trendy look. You may pair your tights with a pair of boots or pumps to add a chic touch.

Leopard tights

If you desire a sexier casual outfit, you can have a black mini dress over your leopard tights with black leather boots.

Leopard print tights

Semi Formal

Who says leather tights can’t be used to more formal events? If you pair it with a dressy top and a pretty blazer like these ones, your leopard leggings may be turned into a chic outfit with a touch of formality.

Lovely leopard tights

To make your outfit a little bit sexier, a strapped dressy top is the best over your leopard skin tights. Accessorize a little bit and wear your sexy heels for an overall pretty look.

Sexy Leopard Tights

Kourtney Kardashian poses with her leopard print tights and a pretty coat dress. This look is best if you are attending night events. For a more dramatic look, you can also pair it with a leopard printed pump.

Kourtney Kardashian Leopard Tights

Those who just want a touch of leopard prints, you can wear a dress over the tights with a knee-high boots to reveal only  a portion of the leopard leggings.

Gorgeous leopard tights


Leopard tights are not always sexy. You can be funky as well using colored leopard tights. These light pink and aquamarine tights are best worn with sneakers or leather boots.

Colored leopard tights


Well, a sporty look isn’t that far away from the leopard print design. You can also use your leopard tights this way and hit the road for a jog.

Leopard Tights for casual wear

Leopard print tights are really very fashionable regardless of how you wear it. But to make the look sexier, tone your legs to have a better fit.

Leopard tights designs