Making a Statement with a Flower Headband

Flower headbands are such a pretty and dainty addition to any outfit during spring when everything seems so frilly, girly and floral. An ordinary outfit can turn extraordinarily gorgeous and romantic just by adding a flower headband to it. Flower headbands can be as subtle or as bold as you want. It can have as little flowers or as many as you like and you can wear them anytime.

Yes, you heard that right. You can wear flower headbands anytime, not just during spring. Although technically, you can wear a flower headband with any outfit you want to wear, there are some styles that look extra awesome with a flower headband. Here are some of our suggestions for you if you want to make a statement wearing a flower headband:

  • Wear a flower headband in one bold color – make a statement by wearing a chunky flower headband in a bright or bold color while wearing a simple outfit. You can choose colors that will either make a great contrast with your outfit or one that will complement your outfit. Wearing a flower headband is also a great way to add a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit.

pink flower headbandyellow flower headbandred flower headband

  • Bring a little bit of spring – you know how much you love spring so why not bring the spirit of spring on to the next season and the season after that which would be autumn and winter, the season for dark, warm colors and heavy knit wear. Replace the usual fall/winter headgear with a floral to liven up the dark colors in your outfit.

flower headband and sweaterknit wear and floral headband

  • Floral on floral – go the extra mile in channeling the spring vibe by wearing a flower headband with an outfit that has a floral print, theme or pattern to it. Doubling up on florals can tend to look tacky so make sure to pick your pieces very carefully. A quick tip to  keep in mind would be to wear chunky headbands with outfits that have smaller, subtler prints and a dainty foliage when wearing something with a bold floral print or pattern.

floral on floraldouble floral

 Now that you have an idea of how to make a statement wearing a floral headband, get out there and strut your stuff! It doesn’t matter whether you wear this statement hair piece made out of  real, fresh flowers (which can be a bit tedious to make) or fake plastic ones, what  matters is that you know how to rock it and look awesome in it.

dainty flower headbandcute freckles and floral headband