Must Have Accessories for Summer

In just a few more days, summer will be officially on so I’m pretty sure you’ve already done some tweaking to your wardrobe to make it more summer-friendly. No matter how many cute clothes you have in your closet, though, we all know it’s never complete if you don’t have equally cute accessories to go with it. Whether you fully embrace the dainty and feminine look or are more comfy with something that is menswear inspired or just anything and everything else in between, there are some accessories for summer that you just have to have. Check out this list of must have accessories for summer and take your pick!

  • Chunky, colorful statement accessories – don’t let the boring workplace dress code take the fun out of your summer outfits! When wearing something plain and simple, spice it up with something fun like a chunky, colorful piece of statement accessory. Keep it to one statement accessory per outfit, though, so you don’t have too much going on.

chunky neon necklace dangling statement earrings

  • Fab wedges – summer’s all about being out all day, enjoying and soaking in the warmth of the sun and you don’t want achy feet to get in the way. Ditch your fancy heels for something more comfortable like a pair of fabulous wedges that’s just as stylish but much easier to walk in. if you have the luxury to splurge and get more than one pair, I would recommend getting one pair in nude, one bright and another pair bold enough to make a statement.

tie around wedge

tan wedge outfit

  • A huge purse – you don’t really have to buy a new one if you already have a big purse sitting in your closet as long as it’s big enough to fit all your summer essentials from lip balm to a bottle of water to sunscreen and even your beach towel. If an old purse can fit all these and more, use that. If not, you might want to invest in a cute summer tote that you can use all season long.

big summer purse summer beach tote

  • Sunglasses – sunglasses are a must, especially during summer. It instantly adds that cool chick vibe to your look and at the same time it also protects your eyes from the sun and the skin around your eyes from potential damage. When in doubt of what style to go for, choose aviators or anything oversized as these are universally flattering and super easy to wear with anything.

sassy summer outfit cool sunglasses and shirt

  • Floppy hats – sure, fedoras and bowler hats give you a snazzy, jazzy look but for summer, you’ll want something easy, breezy and, well, summery and that’s exactly what floppy hats are. They give you that relaxed beach babe vibe and while protecting your hair from excessive heat. Don’t bother buying designer floppy hats. Go for something you wouldn’t mind being blown by the wind in case you decide to wear it at the beach.

big brown hat floppy bowler hat

Summer is coming and it’s coming quickly! Make sure you are well prepared by equipping your wardrobe with these summer must have accessories! What’s a summer accessory you can’t live without?